Sunday, December 29, 2013

My GrandGirls @ Christmas

A new year. 2014. Mela is the best production for 2013. I love that little baby. 2014 will bring a new member to the family when Michael and Jenn have my next grandchild this summer! Gramma Kassie. That's me! The second best title to mom. Mela and Sophia made Christmas time more wonder-full.
My granddaughters are so precious to me!

The day after Christmas, more than one of us started to come down with something. Throat, nose, chest....a general feeling a malaise. Feel better today, after much medicating, lounging and sleeping. Cold-Eez was ingested frequently. NyQuil my nighttime medicine of choice. Michael has not fared as well. He has it pretty bad.

I received very heartfelt gifts this year. Melissa had me choose a Pandora charm that meant "gramma" to me. I chose this one....Party Dress. What could be more perfect than a party dress for 2 little girls? Love it. my sister bought the Kiss Me, I'm Irish glass Pandora bead to celebrate our Irishness! My bracelet is looking good!
Michael bought me Bruce. He wanted to read it after I did. Well, since I read the library book as soon as it came out, he is able to take it back to Fort Campbell!
 Jenn knows I love old junk! She found this awesome bag at a flea market a few months ago. Love.
Tomorrow I must get back to painting my workroom. ( I have settled on calling it my workroom because that is what it will be. Studio is too formal and sewing room sounds so 1900. Workroom. It feels like me) I need to finish the closet with another coat of Ultra White, and paint all the trim with glossy Ultra White. I have an old shelf I found on Craigslist that was used in a basement in an old house that needs some white paint also. It is heavy. It is old. It will be so cool in my workroom! It's time to get this room up and running.

I have learned:

  1. I use the mug rug from Martha every day! 
  2. Bruce has a new CD coming out in January...High Hopes. Can't wait til 1-14-14
  3. Ted, my little favorite from work, is on stand-by this week and that means another project for me! (he likes to stay busy while waiting for a call out) He is working on a base for my vintage draft table top cutting station for my workroom. I am anxious to get it in to position.
  4. Greenville, SC. One of the top, affordable places to live in the U.S. Possible retirement?
  5. New Year's Eve. Me & Mela!

Sunday, December 22, 2013


The weekend was all about Mela! I brought her home Saturday, to give Dave and Melissa some time to go out for her birthday and be adult! They had a great time, as did I! Mela is a dream. I was so excited to have Uncle Michael & Aunt Jenn meet her on Saturday. We met up at Barnes & Noble for the debut. Michael was enamored with her. A meal shared at Tully's made the reunion complete. It is wonderful to know that Michael is in town. I do miss him. Jenn is feeling pregnant. She is tired and sick here and there. My feeling is she is having a boy. I will be surprised if it is a girl...knew Melissa was having a girl also. Just intuition.

With Mela in tow, nothing got done here in the workroom. All my energy was on her!

I have to work Monday & Tuesday. Wish I was not on Tuesday however, as Sophia opens her Santa gifts on Christmas Eve morning. I was able to be there last year, just took too many days in the summer this year with Mela's birth and Michael's visit in July. Sophia is my girl. Such a sweet, beautiful little girl.

Our ice storm was probably half of what they were predicting.There was ice on all the tree's and many a  pine tree bough broke off. It is just the beginning of the mess I will have to tend to in the spring. ugh.

I have learned:

  1. White newest binge TV viewing on Netflix. Like. Mela liked it too!
  2. Kohl's is coming to Batavia! Marshall's and Below 5 are the rumored other stores to fill in the old Lowe's store. Also a Thai food joint opening soon. mmm. 
  3. I am a Pinterest-holic. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013


 Melissa turns 31years old on Friday. 31. Wow.
This is the PC I made for her using my mono printed fabric. I love it. She will too. A little piece of art, via USPS to celebrate!

Painted the closet in Michael's old room--my sewing room, this morning. The white makes such a big difference in there. I like working in it. As I was pondering storage options, using what I have and I decided to move my armoire and triple dresser in there. The 9 hole cubbies I have can sit on top of the dresser. This gives me 9 drawers and 3 shelves + cubbies. That should hold most of my fabrics and other crafty bits. A few years ago I picked up a wood sewing table for $5 at Sally Ann's. My felting machine can sit in that. A larger ironing surface would be nice. In the garage is I have a top to an old drafting table that I need a base for. It has to be high enough for a cutting table. Maybe simple 2 x 4's would work. The biggest hang up in the room is the floor. The 50's light green linoleum is in very bad shape. I have been looking at this brown paper option. Or just a mish mash of area rugs. The floor is cold!

As a thank you gift for my cousin, Tracey, for having us for Thanksgiving again this year, I made this snowman runner. The pattern was from an issue of Primitive Quilts & More. Love stitching on wool!
6" x 30".  All recycled wool.

I have jury duty tomorrow. Last time I went they kept me there past my work quit time before I was dismissed. We will see how it goes this time.

I have learned:

  1. Dryer started making a banging noise today. Can't be good.
  2. Found my baggie of 1/4" hexi's! They have been missing for a few weeks. My guild challenge continues.
  3. It's snowing again. 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Michael's Quilt....Finally

Last weekend I decided to piece the block's that my fiber art group made for him while he was deployed. Martha, Sharon, Elaine, Chris, Mary Ellen, Lori, Bethany, Susan, Emmy & Mary Lee made 12" blocks in St John Fisher colors, maroon and gold. I made a couple improv star blocks to even up the rows. I love how it came out! I am quilting straight lines approximately 1 1/2" apart in invisible thread. Need to bind and label so I can give to him when he is home for Christmas. He is going to love the sentiment and the quilt! Such caring, good friends I have. Thank you girls!

Today was guild day. Our annual Christmas celebratory foodie meeting! Good stuff indeed! After a short business meeting and a wonderful show n' tell, we all ate and enjoyed each other's company. Chris ran a mug rug swap which I just did not have time to make, thus could not participate in the fun exchange. BUT, my dear, Martha, had made extra mug rugs and shared one of them with me!! I am using it as I write. I love it. Thank you Martha!
I wish I had gotten pics of the mug rugs revealed today.
I lifted this one pic off FB. Lori made this awesome mug rug.
...and her daughter, Beth, made this one. Love it.

Cold and snowy here in WNY. I love when it is like this....I can hibernate.

Last night I met Melissa and Mela at Tuesday Morning. Bill, my BIL manages the store and a few times a year he gets a family shopping discount day...40% off! I found some good gifts at great prices. What a great store Tuesday Morning is. High end buyout merchandise. Worth a drive. Here's Mela happily shopping with us last night!

Tis herself! Changes every time I see her. Love.

I have been hand stitching needle books using the load of wool I have collected and been gifted! I gave Tracy J this one today...a Sue Spargo inspired design...
I have more in progress. I am stitching on cat design for a good catty friend now! Love wool. It is yummy to put a needle into.

Tomorrow I must paint trim in my sewing room. AND paint the closet which still sports the lime green of the room when I first moved in to this house 10 years ago. I need to be super charged with energy to get this job finished!

I have learned:

  1. My friend Stephanie's father wrote the book "Honor Bound". Stuart Rochester. A memoir of Vietnam soldiers. I am intrigued. Micheal would also like it. 
  2. 7 weeks. Jenn is 7 weeks pregnant! My next grandchild is gestating now!
  3. Part of my lip was actually cut off 2 weeks ago. Basal cell cancer cells all gone though. But, wow, what a slice of face I lost. Wasn't prepared for that. Healing well though.

Saturday, December 7, 2013


Last night I accompanied Melissa, Dave, Sophia and Mela to St Nick's night. Mela wasn't sure what to make of the big guy in the red suit and I have pics of her crying to prove it! If only poppy could have assured her she was in good hands....his.
Sophia was responsible for telling Santa what Mela wants for Christmas. Apparently Mela wants balls. Yep. She does. Too late.

Our wonderful little Fiberistas group trekked to Auburn today to see the Q=A=Q exhibit. 6 of us + 2 art quilt cohorts met at Schweinfurth to share our thoughts and favorites and not-so-much-for-me pieces. Fluttery excitement came over me when I saw 6 of the pieces. (the flutter is indicative of seeing an interesting piece that allows me to glimpse a thread of kinship with the artist.)

     1. "Barcelona" by Lumila Aristova of Brooklyn. Stunning. Silk, organic  paper and cotton.
         Look closely at her work to note the tiny prairie points made from organza ribbon. So cool.
     2. "Interwoven" by Patricia Kennedy-Zafred of Murrysville, PA. Loved the her silk screened images,
         the colors and the way she handled the entire composition. Her other work is equally inspired.
     3. "Pink Leaf 4" by Pat Pauly of Rochester, NY. I love Pat's work. When you look at her piece, you
         know it is hers and, if you know Pat, they represent HER in cloth.
     4. "Head Two" by Diane Siebels of Charlottsville, VA. I was thrilled when I saw this! It was very
         different from some everything hanging in the gallery. I felt like I wanted to try my hand at this one.
         Mostly all handwork, I was hooked. It looked good far away and made me scurry to get up close.
     5. "Alinea" by Kathleen Probst of Meridian, ID. Simple. Effective. I understood why. I need to try
     6. "Secrets" by Betty Busby of Albuquerque, NM. (scroll down to her piece). I thought it was a
        manipulated image on fabric until I read that she painted this. The colors are delicious.

These were worth seeing up close.
One niggling bother about this Q=A=Q exhibit is the fact that each year many artists get 2 pieces accepted into the show. I realize artists submit multiple pieces, happy to get 1 work in, so it's not on them. The team of jurors...the gallery itself not having a policy of one piece per artist would be responsible for changing that outcome. This show receives hundreds of possibles. I am sure there were at least a dozen other pieces that could have been chosen. Share the wealth so to speak.
Lunch at Curly's with good conversation to round out a great day.

I have learned:

  1. Ace, Michael & Jenn's puppy, was castrated yesterday. 
  2. I joined ROCO
  3. If I were to make an art quilt with a cause (this came up today at lunch)......what do I feel very strongly about?....mostly I have opinions and beliefs about  political/religious issues. No STRONG emotions that I feel compelled to have people hear my plea and be swayed by it.. BUT, there is one thing I consistently, with escalation,  view as the bane of our society. Reality TV. Yes, I said it. There it is, out on the table. 
  4. Does anyone want to be nominated for President or VP in charge of Workshops for my Museum Quilt Guild? We have no takers. 
  5. IKEA. So much coveting.      

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Steampunk Bird Doll

My rendition of Petie the Steampunk Bird! Julie and I each made one last weekend, one of the projects that we diligently worked on! The body of the bird is fabric painted with acrylic paint....leather doll in the doll world, since the surface does appear to be leather. Love this look. You can't make out the metallic blue and black body work.
The wings and mask are a copper foil, hefty enough to stand up to the embossing on the wings. One of my favorite elements is the steel pins that look like nail heads on the copper. Cool.
My birds legs look fit for an eagle, not this little tweeter! I will work on that for my next Steampunk creation.
Here is a pic of Julie's bird. She used feathers instead of the metal, which looks very cool.
Next I will be finishing my Contented Woman. I am procrastinating....the eyes are next! They aren't even open eyes so how wrong can it go?

Mela was 4 months last Wednesday!! Changing daily. I didn't see her last week and do I ever miss her. Daddy took her and Sophia out in the snow...they loved it!
Sitting up, grabbing her toes and drooling all the way!

Yesterday, via MOHS surgery, I successfully had all the bad bad basal cells removed from my lip. Took two scrapes, much Novocain and 5 hours. Numerous stitches inside and outside and a big ass bandage covering what seems to be much of my face, I look forward (??) to the reveal tomorrow! I have no idea how big it is and what I'll look like for the next week. No lifting. No bending. Don't want to pop a stitch.

Cincinnati Thanksgiving was fun! Michael and Jenn came up from Fort Campbell with their puppy Ace. He is such a good pup. Along with them came great news.....Jenn is pregnant!!
Aunt Terry and Uncle Sam were up from Florida....Aunt Kathy and Gerry came in from Louisville. Add some of Tracey and Tom's neighbors and kids too. Jake, Tracey's 18 year old son wrote the dinner blessing. It was eloquent and heartfelt...a highlight of the day.
Of course my annual IKEA shopping trip with Jenn was eventful! Tried to get Mela's crib but there were our of stock. Bummer.

I have learned:

  1. Watching CSI:  NY on Netflix. Just watched the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 episode. Truly the best memorial TV show. Worth seeking out. Bruce Springsteen and his wife Patty Scialfa sing this rendition of "If I Should Fall Behind". It is beautiful.
  2. Thai Ginger chicken stock.....ewe...yuck...gross...don't.
  3. The sister, niece and nephew were all over my !#$% for snoring! What? Me? Even OSA says RN sister. Hmmm. 
  4. Fiona & Cliffy need to finish what they started last night Mr Mouse is winning. I know when they are hunting...hovering and sniffing. After giving up and lazing around all morning, Mr Mouse traipsed right out from behind TV cupboard! Fifi did have him in her jaws at one point but when I went to scoop up MM with a plastic bag....he was gone! Really? Cats? Get him done. 
  5. Some great vintage items listed in my Etsy shop! Check it out.
  6. My left side is my weak side...every ailment in the last few years has been on my left, less dominant side. Must be something to that.
  7. Love Dolores Riccio's Circle of Five series. Alex is nice enough to share them with me. I truly enjoy reading about these ladies, their Wiccan ways and the cases they solve.
  8. gypped
  9. . It just doesn't look right. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thankful for Mela and More

Mela, a few weeks ago, on our way out to a Fiberista meeting. She is such a happy, sweet baby. At almost 4 months, she is sitting up. A mover & shaker. Dave sends video's of her during the week to us grandparents. I love them. Much. He is a good daddy! Mela is one of the things I am thankful for this year.

Michael & Jenn after his Air Assault school graduation. I am thankful he is home this year...not in Afghanistan like his step-brother Alan. They will be travelling up from Fort Campbell on Thanksgiving day, to Cincinnati for a partial family reunion.

I just had to share this pic of a local bull. I took the pic with my iPhone and manipulated it in the BeFunky app. I really love the imagery.

Obviously my laptop is fixed! Apparently I cracked the screen when I shut a notebook in it. Dumb. Yes. So for $166 I have a brand new screen and a cleaned up laptop thanks to Matthew Lane at Your Computer Guy in Batavia. I have used him for many a clean up and he is very good. Knowledgeable. I am thankful I have my laptop back!

My sister asked me for a Chinese auction donation for St Joe's in Buffalo, Ian's high school. I am setting free "Noel"!
One of my Boho bags.

I have learned:

  1. Elephant poop is actually used to make paper.
  2. I need to loose 30 lbs. Seriously. Really. Truly
  3. I have to get up at 4:30 AM. Ugh.
  4. I miss Mary Lee.
  5. I enjoy reading these books...Delores Stewart Riccio. I could be part of their circle. Thanks Alex
  6. I cannot carry a 60 lb slab of marble by myself. My knee will concede. I tripped up the step and down we went...the vintage marble is in 5 pieces now.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Laptop is Sick....

I  making this post on my iPhone because my laptop is "sick" and in for repair. Apparently when I shut a small notebook in it, this cracked my screen.
The Carbonite trial I downloaded also fixed some whammy on it.
For $154 I can have a new screen and clean up. Better than the $500 I would have to spend for a new something. Not a good time of year for that chunk of change!
Should have back by Tuesday. Miss the little technological connection to part of my world.

Actually posted a couple listings to my Etsy shop via iPhone.
Couldn't post a pic on blog from phone pics though. Not sure why.

So I should be back up and running soon enough

I have learned:

    1. My friend Sandy has come through another medical emergency. She had a craniotomy Sunday afternoon to remove a fast growing tumor from her brain. Home already and feeling well. The ordeals she has had to deal over the last five years are harrowing. She's a warrior.
    2. Scored a vintage marble top table with black iron base at Sally Ann's for $90 last week. My new kitchen table!
    3. Carbon monoxide is flammable. I did not know that. Flash point around 1200•
    4. Melissa's 5th grade 8:1:1 special Ed class is dangerous place. She was hit again by a kid while trying to manage a fight until security arrived to take them out of classroom. Her heart is with these kids... Trying to do everything possible to help them learn.
    5. Trees on my patch of earth need trimming. $$$$$. Ugh.
    6. Mela is sitting up, bobbling head and all!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Michael's Sleeve.. his Deployment Art

Michael spent over 15 hours at an Elmwood Ave tattoo joint in Buffalo in July.  I don't have a pic to show what he came home with as a first draft on his arm, but I assure you it was BAD. Tommy, at MaddTat2, saved the day. Michael came up with the flag idea...Tommy made it war torn...Michael came up with the guardian Ange ideal....Tommy made it bad ass...Micheal came up with him as soldier...Tommy made it real. In the end Michael realized he would not have this work of art on his arm if he hadn't gone to the first place in Clarksville, TN. and had such a disconcerting outcome. This tattoo tells the story of his deployment to Afghanistan. The Apache helicopter is featured in the flag; the gargoyle is the face of evil with the angel watching over him, the soldier. He had a verse tattooed on the open area down his arm today. No pics yet.
Pretty cool.

I had Mela Friday night again! It is a joy to take care of her, a good little baby. Took her to my quilt show meeting then to Ian's 16th birthday lunch at Quaker Steak & Lube. Melissa & I were able to have a few hours of shopping time, ending with an excursion to Uncle Billy's Tuesday Morning store. She had never been. I love that store...and the family discount is appreciated. I picked up the large white cutting mat for $23!
Deal of the day.

The studio is coming along. I need to get the glossy trim paint now. What to do with the floor? Thinking. Loving it so far!

"Deployment" is on the floor in front of me. I have place a sample square with a red oil artist stick marking and a tangle of red thread under the soldier overlay. The oil stick stands out. I am leaning towards using that to denote the days that things happened on those days in Michael's deployment. This includes rocket fire, mortar fire, a flip down a mountain in a truck and rolling over and IED wire that didn't detonate.

I have learned:

  1. I like this song. "Royals" by Lorde. catchy tune.
  2. Michael graduated from Air Assault School Thursday. He has wings for his uniform.
  3. Something is afoot. Netflix is not streaming well, my laptop is super slow. ugh.
  4. Ian, my nephew is 16. He can learn to drive. OMG. 

Monday, November 4, 2013


Michael turned 25 on October 23rd. I made this PC (postcard) for him. The dial is the silk screen I made using a picture from the Army Museum on Fort Sills was for boot camp. The x's & o's thermofax screen from Lyric Kinnard, was used for the bottom section. It implies hugs & kisses. Had fun quickly making this up. I want to start making more of these. It serves as a personal work of art for those I care about.

My Fiberista group met this past Saturday at Sue's house for the much anticipated and procrastinated reveal of our first group project...Whisper quilts. Do check out the post on the Fiberista blog to read and see all about it. It was a great reveal.
Mela was a guest to our meeting! She was very well behaved, unless you count the 2 stinky poops she managed to make there.

My gramma weekend with Mela was wonderful. I had her from Friday at 5 PM to Sunday 1 PM. She wakes only once a night, loves her bath and smiles much. Pure pleasure.

While at Julie's last weekend her project was this very cool Steampunk Walrus from Frowning Frances. It is a   pattern. The best part of this was watching her come up with her own touches, such as the copper washer glasses paired with the swirly bead lenses. The strapping was made using leather from an old dog bed. I love the sailor hat she found in her stash, adding grommets and an old part from an old clock for the whirligig on top. He is a work of art!

How cool is he?!

So I FINALLY started the long dreaded paint job in Michael's old room for my sewing room. I had to clear the way for a mattress and box spring. The ceiling was like an arch nemesis. I don't recall painting one before, although I am sure I must have...maybe I am blocking it out! I got the paint, roller and plastic drop clothes out and after 2 hours and 2 coats of paint the ceiling looks fresh and clean! I need to buy wall paint now. I am actually contemplating white. I have been searching web for cheap flooring projects to cover the very old linoleum in there. I need to search my belongings and Pinterest for storage repurposing opps now.

I have learned:

  1. Dexter on Netflix. I love this show. Season 2 up next. 
  2. David Sedaris' new book, Let's Explore Diabetes with always his satirical wit makes me laugh out loud.
  3. Michael will be repelling from a helicopter this week before he graduates from Air Assault school. This is the boy that was afraid of heights all his life. 
  4. Shop Etsy for the can even check out my vintage shop!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Piece of Mind

This is the third piece I made for last weekend's lapidary show in Rochester. As I perused all the wonderful stones Diane had for us to use, this one immediately said "brain". So a brain it became! I bought some phrenology images on Etsy, using one of them to thread sketch the head. Peaceful is circled in red with free motion stitching to play on the piece/peace theme. A white oil paint stick brightened things up. I do love this piece. It was fun creating it.
The lapidary show was interesting. I know nothing about stones, gems and fossils, so I was admiring and watching the people that did know. Michael and Jenn facetimed me while I was viewing the fiber exhibit, so they got to see my work displayed. The old armory building was a real treat to see.

Another very creative weekend at Julie's! Saturday, Ann was able to join us and to clarify her 2 O'clock 5" x 5" challenge. I had understood it to mean DO the artwork at 2, either 2 AM or 2 PM. We only needed to COME UP with our theme of that days piece at those timed options. Since I missed most of the month, Julie suggested I use game cards to pick my themes for the 31 days. Great idea! I made 6 little quilts already from the many pieces of fabrics I mono printed. I was in the zone! I have to give the Gelli Plate its due compliment. It is an awesome surface to monoprint on...its durable and just "giving" enough. The new larger plate is a temptation, but has a hefty price tag. Thinking....

I do like to make a mess!
Here are four of the 5" x 5" pieces I made from them.
Prompt:  Phone
 Prompt:  Zero
 Prompt:  Blast
Prompt:  Red Square

Making these was all heart.

Melissa and Mela came for dinner at Sportos last night. I love those mid-week visits. Dave sent me pics and videos of her today. (If I haven't gotten a pic in a day or two, I order one from them). Mela and Orange Kitty today.
Orange Kitty is a rescue cat I got for them not long ago. He immediately took to Mela, laying right next to her protectively. She loves him. He loves her. In a video Dave sent earlier, Orange Kitty made sure that when Dave's hand was near Mela that he was gentle. Very sweet. AND isn't she adorable?!! I will be bonding this weekend with my girl...I bring her home Friday til Sunday. Melissa and Dave need a break..some sleep...and some alone time. Happy to oblige.

I have learned:

  1. I like sushi. Ann brought a variety to Julie's. I ate eel. Cooked eel. It was the only cooked seafood in all the sushi rounds. I could crave it.
  2. Melissa earns every penny working with these fifth grade, emotionally disturbed (violent behavior) kids. She has bruises on her arm from restraining a student two days ago. One of her boys was strangling another boy in class. She needs more than one aid in classroom. Worrisome.
  3. My "Live Free" is on display in Houston at the Quilt Show right now. It feels good.
  4. Silk screens. Love them. I need a light box for exposing. Reading a good book from the library..."Printing On Fabric" by Jen Swearington. She includes a lot of information on the entire process. 
  5. 1/4" hexi's. Cool and tiny and pretty taxing on the digits. I don't know if I can make hundreds of these in time for the annual guild challenge. 
  6. Why is the weight piling on? 52? I need a plan. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Two of the Three Lapidary Show Pieces

1 of 3 pieces I made for the Rochester Society Lapidary show this coming weekend. The idea for having fiber artists display work at the gem, bead, fossil and stone show, where most people are thinking of making jewelry....this will make patrons at the show think of other applications for the goods being sold. Clever idea for sure.
Diane procured various cut stones for us to choose from. I wish I knew what each of these are called. Maybe I will learn it and add in later!
For Quietude I used silk fabric, hand stitching and strands of the gorgeous silk fabric.
I used a technique I found on Lyric Kinard's blog that shows how to fuse the piece to canvas, both top and sides. Worked like a charm!
 Close up of the cut and contoured rock, nesting in the silky bits.
Using repurposed fabrics (woman's scarf and vintage coat fabric), I needle felted the scarf's sheer dotty material to a felt background, inserting a piece of handyed fabric in between. Hand stitching, naturally, was added to anchor the mountain.
I mounted each of these onto 8"x 8" x2" canvas.
There is 1 more.....I am still finishing that one up!

Today, at guild, we welcomed Wendy Butler Berns for a lecture on quilt inspirations. Very concise and informative. I was able to take off yesterday to participate in her "Out on a Limb" class. We all made a small quilt in the class and learned a few techniques that will serve a purpose in other works brewing in our heads.
I am the one in the prison stripes~! My piece took on an unexpected Halloween flair. One of the things Wendy included in our pattern/supply kit was Texture Magic. We used it on our trees. It is very cool stuff, shrinking up after much stitching, using a steam iron. Wendy had a quilt top with her and one of the blocks was of a fish that she had used the Texture Magic on, sewn to a background fabric. I also liked the technique she had us use to build the background using freezer paper pattern and permanent glue stick. I will be using that again!

After all day class, ran to a union meeting, then met up with Melissa and Mela for a short visit. She had on her faux Ugg boots I got her at Target. Too cute. Really. Too, too cute she is.

So I started making some 1/4" hexi's. Yes. I. Did.
They are harder to get hold of in the hand to make all the tacking stitches. I have a big idea for my guild challenge quilt! I would need many, mucho, tons of these bits. The challenge this year is "That was then...." We are to use the year of our birth to make up to 2 entries. This can include ANYTHING from, for me, 1961. I googled movies, books, songs and news from that time frame. How cool is that!? This will be fun.

Tomorrow I will finish up my last lapidary show piece, get the binding on Mela's hexi quilt, spray baste Sophia's strip quilt up and list some more items on my vintage Etsy site. And relax. I hope to not have to get dressed and stay holed up here. That is the plan. I love that plan.

I have learned:

  1. Would like to see "Gravity". Heard it's really good. 
  2. Netflix on my TV is not working...on laptop, yes. I guess I need to work with the router and get it back on track. I will search online and get some direction and hope I don't get too aggravated when it takes me 3 hours to rectify it. Not tonight. 
  3. Cheryl Doodie showed me my "Bullseye" quilt today...she has started hand quilting the red lines on it and it looks awesome! I love it. I can't wait til it is done. Her quilting has won awards and spots in national shows. 
  4. Biopsy on the lip and a precancerous bit frozen off my nose. Bain de Soleil days of the 70's haunt me.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tis' the Season for Skeletal Imagery!

This is an awesome image that will hopefully find its way into a piece soon~! If your not familiar with The Graphics Fairy blog, take a look. She posts copyright free images. There are A LOT to peruse. Take the time.
The leftover 30's fabric binding is sewn to Mela's hexi quilt....need to stitch it down and label it and wrap her up in it!
I''ll be off shortly to Niagara Falls, Canada, for a gas conference for a few days. No international plan, no phone. I get to use my Passport for the first time. Should be interesting since this conference will be entirely about the gas industry, which of course pertains to us. I hope to have a Falls view room and will be on the picture taking prowl!

I have learned:

  1. Added another new "hat" to my repertoire at work this week....collections. These are the orders that go out to either collect money or turn off the gas. 
  2. Ace, Michael's golden retriever puppy, has recovered from a bout with Parvo and is back in the loving lap's of his masters!
  3. Dick's Sporting Goods store opening soon in Batavia.
  4. Officers Wives, by Thomas Fleming, circa 1981, is proving to be a good read.
  5. Even after "capping" (Ted's term) 4 woodchuck's, 4 raccoon's and a possum, there wonders my property a couple rather large patriarchal woodchucks that dodged the bullet. Ugh.
  6. "Cups" by Anna Kendrick. Catchy tune. Not earth shattering, but definitely catchy.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Catching Up

 On the beach, in Atlantic City, this seagull posed for me!
I was there this past week for the I.B.E.W. 3rd District Progress Meeting. The president, Edwin Hill, spoke about the fight working Americans are facing right now. Unions need to increase their numbers. I grew up knowing about the union from my dad. My sister is a union steward. We are a working class family and proud of that.

Our mandala exhibit was a bust. It was the first time the owner had tried to have an art show. She wasn't prepared. Among other problems, we felt that the lack of security was also an issue, so we will find another venue for these awesome quilts. All the pieces are as varied as their makers and well worth a look-see.

Ace, Michael & Jenn's puppy has Parvovirus. For the last week he has been at his kennel being taken care of 24 hours a day. He has made some progress, eating a little bit on his own. After being able to see him play in videos and on Facetime, I feel like I know him. Hoping he will make a full recovery and be back home soon.

Mela is 2 months old now! She is such a pretty baby! My friend, Nicki, sent me a note that she has Mela's pic as her screen saver right now because it makes her smile when she looks at it.

I love wool. I have lots of wool. I have wanted to do a project with them for a while. Last week at guild, one of the show & tells quilts was this one....
I wish I had made time to get pics of more of the blocks up close. It is all wool. It won best in show it should. Awesome. I would love to make one similar to this one.

"Bulls Eye" is now in the hands of Cheryl Doodie, one of our guilds award winning hand quilters. The pennies were all hand stitched from repurposed wool clothing and sewn by machine to 5" squares. I purposely stacked the pennies wonky, felt more comfortable to me. (I actually took pics of symmetrical stacks and wonky stacks to decide) Cheryl will use red thread to form a secondary line design. It will be pricey, but worth it to me. This quilt could not be machine quilted. Just wouldn't have looked right.

I am currently working on 3 small pieces for a lapidary show in Rochester next month which will marry stone and fibers to show that gems, stones and fossils can be used in other ways, not just jewelry.
Also deciding what to show and/or create for a show with RAFA in Clifton Springs in November.
I machine quilted Mela's hexi quilt, just need to bind it.
So much I want to do, so little free time!

I have learned:

  1. The Bills are winning against the Raven's as I write this. BUT, it's not over yet.
  2. My Etsy shop is steady sale-ing. Mailed to Israel on Friday. 
  3. I really don't like to gamble, at all. Didn't even play a slot game in Atlantic City. I prefer to waste my money, not lose it.
  4. Sophia loves me like kitty poop! Wow. Sweet. 
  5. Ollie's always has great book buyouts. I got Melanie Testa's Inspired to Quilt for $2.99! A Stephen King book of short-ish stories for $1.99. 
  6. Salsarita's=yum. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Quilted Mandala...On Wings

Mandala quilt, "On Wings" is machine quilted, seed stitched and crytsalled. Need to block it, face it and sleeve it for the hanging at Blue Pearl Yoga on Thursday. If anyone is interested, our art quilt group will have a reception Friday evening at the old Masonic Temple on Main St, in Batavia, that houses Blue Pearl. We would love to see you there~!

Friday's have become gramma time! I love it. Sophia asks if I am coming over and of course Mela doesn't know it yet, but she looks forward to it too. I had Mela and Sophia in my lap, in Dave's ravaged but beloved recliner this past Friday, while I fed Mela and we all watched Legally Blond. I loved it. Every second of it. They are precious girls. Sophia gets in touch with her feline side and licks my face affectionately!

Yesterday was spent "popping tags" at thrift stores with Pam & Sarah! We had a blast. Sarah was the winner with all her great jacket/blazer finds. Of course it helps that she is small. Pam found plenty of "teacher" clothes....I was focused on Mela/Sophia clothing. Found plenty! Lunch at Salsarita's. OMG. YUM. Always good time with my besty and her daughter.

I am watching the Bills vs Carolina game. We just scored!! Yes! Once a Bills fan, you just can't shake it off. Ask Micheal. He has tried to favor other teams that succeed. We are diehard. Great game! I can almost hear Micheal's hoots from Tennessee!

I was walking my property this morning and came upon this....

....a heavily laden apple tree limb fallen. It will make it that much easier for the sweet dear that come and feast on my 4 apple tree's. I picked a few good ones to make applesauce. They are truly delicious.

I have learned:

  1. Gerhard Richter Painting, a documentary on Netflix, very interesting. Loved.
  2. Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters, also a great documentary on the photographer. 
  3. The Tents, on Netflix. Excellent also.
  4. Go to a gas conference in Atlantic City next week. I hope to still be able to walk the Boardwalk. 
  5. 2 years, 5 months to retirement~!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Love this Dover free image. I must use it. Hmmm.
I have been busy finishing up my mandala quilt for the show at Blue Pearl Yoga that opens with an artist reception next Friday. My "On Wings" mandala quilt is ready for finishing. I added many seed stitches to it. At my art quilt group Tuesday, we revealed what we all had done or were working on. All looks great!

The last RRRR for guild is overdue. (Being consumed by mandala) I have, however, sewn 3/4" hexi's into a tree shape for 8 6" blocks. I used Elaine's red metallic fabric for tree. I am stuck on the cream metallic she has used in her block. I need to find something that works with that for the base of my block.

So hot and steamy the last two days. I had taken my fan to the basement Sunday. Brought back up today. I managed to sleep through last night without it...not again tonight though.

I have learned

  1. Craft Bits n' Pieces in Fairport is a treasure trove for any creator! 
  2. Flame....Popeye...not sure what Melissa and Dave have decided to call the rescued cat I got them last weekend from Genesee County animal shelter. He is orange. We love orange kitty's!
  3. Project Runway. Boring this season. No standouts.
  4. Remembered the day throughout. Not good memories of that day 12 years ago. 

Monday, August 26, 2013


My side deck has been a flurry of dragonfly activity. They land on my coffee cup. They twit around my trumpet vine. They flit around and I love them! They are mysterious to me. Beautiful and secretive.

I have been busy working on my mandala quilt. I machine quilted it.  I'm not sure what I will do next. I know I will add crystals to it. Our mandala quilts will be on display at Blue Pearl Yoga from September 20th, the opening reception, and through the next month. I encourage you to take the time to visit. Blue Pearl Yoga is housed in the old Mason Hall on Main St. It is something to see.

I saw precious Mela Friday night. She is a sweetheart. I love that little girl!

I have learned:

  1. "Damages"....very good. Glenn Close on Netflix.
  2. Stuffed hot peppers....mmmmmmmm
  3. Garlic. MMMMMM!
  4. Woodchuck peeped up while I was sitting on my little deck yesterday...he realized I was there and ducked back down into his hole. Ugh. I must keep on keepin' on killing the homey's. Well Ted will. 
  5. I love all my arty friends~! They inspire me.