Sunday, December 29, 2013

My GrandGirls @ Christmas

A new year. 2014. Mela is the best production for 2013. I love that little baby. 2014 will bring a new member to the family when Michael and Jenn have my next grandchild this summer! Gramma Kassie. That's me! The second best title to mom. Mela and Sophia made Christmas time more wonder-full.
My granddaughters are so precious to me!

The day after Christmas, more than one of us started to come down with something. Throat, nose, chest....a general feeling a malaise. Feel better today, after much medicating, lounging and sleeping. Cold-Eez was ingested frequently. NyQuil my nighttime medicine of choice. Michael has not fared as well. He has it pretty bad.

I received very heartfelt gifts this year. Melissa had me choose a Pandora charm that meant "gramma" to me. I chose this one....Party Dress. What could be more perfect than a party dress for 2 little girls? Love it. my sister bought the Kiss Me, I'm Irish glass Pandora bead to celebrate our Irishness! My bracelet is looking good!
Michael bought me Bruce. He wanted to read it after I did. Well, since I read the library book as soon as it came out, he is able to take it back to Fort Campbell!
 Jenn knows I love old junk! She found this awesome bag at a flea market a few months ago. Love.
Tomorrow I must get back to painting my workroom. ( I have settled on calling it my workroom because that is what it will be. Studio is too formal and sewing room sounds so 1900. Workroom. It feels like me) I need to finish the closet with another coat of Ultra White, and paint all the trim with glossy Ultra White. I have an old shelf I found on Craigslist that was used in a basement in an old house that needs some white paint also. It is heavy. It is old. It will be so cool in my workroom! It's time to get this room up and running.

I have learned:

  1. I use the mug rug from Martha every day! 
  2. Bruce has a new CD coming out in January...High Hopes. Can't wait til 1-14-14
  3. Ted, my little favorite from work, is on stand-by this week and that means another project for me! (he likes to stay busy while waiting for a call out) He is working on a base for my vintage draft table top cutting station for my workroom. I am anxious to get it in to position.
  4. Greenville, SC. One of the top, affordable places to live in the U.S. Possible retirement?
  5. New Year's Eve. Me & Mela!

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tisme said...

Just watch the tax rate, SC taxes your retirement income, not your SS income, but all other retirement income.
Your granddaughters are beautiful!