Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Steampunk Bird Doll

My rendition of Petie the Steampunk Bird! Julie and I each made one last weekend, one of the projects that we diligently worked on! The body of the bird is fabric painted with acrylic paint....leather doll in the doll world, since the surface does appear to be leather. Love this look. You can't make out the metallic blue and black body work.
The wings and mask are a copper foil, hefty enough to stand up to the embossing on the wings. One of my favorite elements is the steel pins that look like nail heads on the copper. Cool.
My birds legs look fit for an eagle, not this little tweeter! I will work on that for my next Steampunk creation.
Here is a pic of Julie's bird. She used feathers instead of the metal, which looks very cool.
Next I will be finishing my Contented Woman. I am procrastinating....the eyes are next! They aren't even open eyes so how wrong can it go?

Mela was 4 months last Wednesday!! Changing daily. I didn't see her last week and do I ever miss her. Daddy took her and Sophia out in the snow...they loved it!
Sitting up, grabbing her toes and drooling all the way!

Yesterday, via MOHS surgery, I successfully had all the bad bad basal cells removed from my lip. Took two scrapes, much Novocain and 5 hours. Numerous stitches inside and outside and a big ass bandage covering what seems to be much of my face, I look forward (??) to the reveal tomorrow! I have no idea how big it is and what I'll look like for the next week. No lifting. No bending. Don't want to pop a stitch.

Cincinnati Thanksgiving was fun! Michael and Jenn came up from Fort Campbell with their puppy Ace. He is such a good pup. Along with them came great news.....Jenn is pregnant!!
Aunt Terry and Uncle Sam were up from Florida....Aunt Kathy and Gerry came in from Louisville. Add some of Tracey and Tom's neighbors and kids too. Jake, Tracey's 18 year old son wrote the dinner blessing. It was eloquent and heartfelt...a highlight of the day.
Of course my annual IKEA shopping trip with Jenn was eventful! Tried to get Mela's crib but there were our of stock. Bummer.

I have learned:

  1. Watching CSI:  NY on Netflix. Just watched the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 episode. Truly the best memorial TV show. Worth seeking out. Bruce Springsteen and his wife Patty Scialfa sing this rendition of "If I Should Fall Behind". It is beautiful.
  2. Thai Ginger chicken stock.....ewe...yuck...gross...don't.
  3. The sister, niece and nephew were all over my !#$% for snoring! What? Me? Even OSA says RN sister. Hmmm. 
  4. Fiona & Cliffy need to finish what they started last night Mr Mouse is winning. I know when they are hunting...hovering and sniffing. After giving up and lazing around all morning, Mr Mouse traipsed right out from behind TV cupboard! Fifi did have him in her jaws at one point but when I went to scoop up MM with a plastic bag....he was gone! Really? Cats? Get him done. 
  5. Some great vintage items listed in my Etsy shop! Check it out.
  6. My left side is my weak side...every ailment in the last few years has been on my left, less dominant side. Must be something to that.
  7. Love Dolores Riccio's Circle of Five series. Alex is nice enough to share them with me. I truly enjoy reading about these ladies, their Wiccan ways and the cases they solve.
  8. gypped
  9. . It just doesn't look right. 


Char said...

Love your bird. Hope your lip feels better soon!

Thearica said...

Your bird is fantastic! I can see hints of the blue on my monitor..

Ouchie on the surgery... I had a mole removed from the side of my nose and a larger one on the back of my head one year.. Wasn't fun. Here's to healing quickly.