Sunday, February 22, 2015

FB Pay It Forward Artworks

Connie made this for me as part of her Pay It Forward Art Challenge on FB. (now i must find my list of 5 friends i am to create art for!) I love it! The colors, the black background and those fabrics. It is already hanging in my kitchen and it sure looks great! Thanks Connie.
A bit ago I received another artwork from Pat Pauly from the same challenge. This postcard sized treasure is also in the kitchen on my fridge. I love it! Thanks Pat.
This weekend is our annual quilt away in Silver Lake NY. 4 days to just sew and make! All meals are cooked for us, yum. I have no idea what I will work on. There is a huge rolling suitcase I have just for the retreat that will be full of fabrics, threads and UFO's. Next year at this time I will be retired!

The cold weather had people inside scoping out Etsy this week. I had 7 sales this week! Just listed 6 new things today. Click on the Etsy banner to take a look-see.

So I locked myself out of my house today. I used and didn't return the keys hidden for such an offense. Last time I did this was summer and had no trouble breaking into my own home. Not today. All windows shut tight. With no one to furnish a key, I needed to "break" in. Tomorrow I will measure the broken glass in my door for a new piece to replace it. Ugh. I need to have a dozen keys hidden all over my property.

I have learned:

1.  YUME Asian Bistro on Veterans Dr in Batavia is spectacular! The food was stellar. The decor is awesome. Try it, you'll like it.
2.  "Chef" on Netflix. Liked much.
3.  "Bosch" an Amazon production. Liked much.
4.  Had to hire roofers to come chop very thick ice off my back roof. It started to leak up under my roof over my sink. This winter has been epic.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Judy Niemeyer PPing

 Took a class through my guild to learn the Judy Niemeyer way to paper piece her extraordinary patterns. The beauty is that all templates are included in her patterns along with the sewing pattern
Not having too read all those instructions was great. I would have opened one of her patterns said, ummm no way. 
This class helped me to understand her process. It is genius!

This is my One Leaf. I used Marcia Derse fabrics here. Like. 
Good day Saturday with my quilty friends. 

I have learned:
1.  I am not a good drawer. At all. 
2.  I have approx 200 work days left. Yay. 
3.  Thankful Michael is not deploying this month as anticipated
4.  Ready for bed.