Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summer Time

I have been busy over the last few weeks. Maddi, Jenn and Ace were in NY for 5 weeks while Michael is at school at Fort Benning. We celebrated Maddi's 1 year birthday; Mela's 2 year birthday and Sophia's 5 year birthday, all in July!
Was able to bond with Maddison on the drive back to Fort Campbell. Her daddy face is sweet...she makes some of the same contemplative brow expression as Micheal. Her laugh is hearty and infectious! I am truly blessed with these 4 happy grand babies.

The road to recovery (4 pulmonary emboli) is still a daily strive. The fatigue is constant. I could sleep 12 hours a night! They are being good to me at work.....for the next 6 months and 3 days!

Many projects have been in the works of course. I am still making recycled tea bag hexi's. Loving them.
Have a large bit pieced of 2" hexi's in Marcia Derse fabrics...very cool.
Made 2 sundresses for Mela and Sophia to wear at their birthday party.
Made a few small art quilts for a great project one of my fiber groups is doing. A Telephone Line. We each make a quilt inspired by the last piece made so that in the end there will be a sort of design story to the line. Looking forward to the reveal in December!
Knitting a bit.
Played with paint on fabric and Prismacolor pencils as well.

I wish I could post a pic but, alas, I am still having troubles on my laptop getting to my photos.

I have learned:

1. with an interesting concept; loved the characters....that finale!
2.  Project Runway is on again. Love that show. Never gets old for me.
3.  Clifford has not been home in over a month. I miss the bastard cat. I am not hopeful he will return. I think he was coyote meal.
4.  Coyotes diet consists, in part, of 45% cats.
5.  Strange poop on my property a bit ago. After investigating I found out it was Black Bear poop,
6.  Black Bears don't eat cats.