Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summer Time

I have been busy over the last few weeks. Maddi, Jenn and Ace were in NY for 5 weeks while Michael is at school at Fort Benning. We celebrated Maddi's 1 year birthday; Mela's 2 year birthday and Sophia's 5 year birthday, all in July!
Was able to bond with Maddison on the drive back to Fort Campbell. Her daddy face is sweet...she makes some of the same contemplative brow expression as Micheal. Her laugh is hearty and infectious! I am truly blessed with these 4 happy grand babies.

The road to recovery (4 pulmonary emboli) is still a daily strive. The fatigue is constant. I could sleep 12 hours a night! They are being good to me at work.....for the next 6 months and 3 days!

Many projects have been in the works of course. I am still making recycled tea bag hexi's. Loving them.
Have a large bit pieced of 2" hexi's in Marcia Derse fabrics...very cool.
Made 2 sundresses for Mela and Sophia to wear at their birthday party.
Made a few small art quilts for a great project one of my fiber groups is doing. A Telephone Line. We each make a quilt inspired by the last piece made so that in the end there will be a sort of design story to the line. Looking forward to the reveal in December!
Knitting a bit.
Played with paint on fabric and Prismacolor pencils as well.

I wish I could post a pic but, alas, I am still having troubles on my laptop getting to my photos.

I have learned:

1. with an interesting concept; loved the characters....that finale!
2.  Project Runway is on again. Love that show. Never gets old for me.
3.  Clifford has not been home in over a month. I miss the bastard cat. I am not hopeful he will return. I think he was coyote meal.
4.  Coyotes diet consists, in part, of 45% cats.
5.  Strange poop on my property a bit ago. After investigating I found out it was Black Bear poop,
6.  Black Bears don't eat cats.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Work on "Deployment"

I am getting close to finishing Deployment. The squares are stamped with the dates and an X for all the days Michael was deployed two years ago. 
The sheer print layered over the squares is a pic of Michael in Afghanistan. 
You can see the walkie talkie antenna, then his helmet. He's in a camouflaged hut. 

I have learned:

1.  Michael is doing well at OCS. One week down. 11 to go. 
2.  Six Feet Under. Amazon Prime. Really good. 
3.  Cliffy won. He's happy going outside. Can't fight that cat every time I open the door. 
4.  Back to work tomorrow. Very fatigued still. Ugh. 
5.  JalapeƱo Margarita. Mmmmmmm

Monday, June 8, 2015

3843 Pearl Street Road

The pic is not so great. Sorry. 
I made this quilt for a challenge, My Piece of the Universe. This is an aerial view of my property on Pearl Street Road. The blue mono printed fabrics are my house, garage and shed. The line of blue up top is a natural drainage steam for my town. 
The trees are the reddish hand dyed fabrics. I am fortunate that my 6 acres are filled with trees. 
Making this was fun every step of the way. I used my mono prints, rust dyed and discharged fabs. 
I will happily look at this hanging in my living room for a long time!

I am still recovering from the pulmonary embolism. The blood thinners are providing multiple contusions from simple bumps! Fatigue still an issue. Improving though. 

I have learned:

1.  Riley Michael, 6 months today, is one rock away from crawling!

2.  I sold a piece this weekend! An unfinished, but still cool piece, of Mela. 

3.  No more YouTube on Netflix. Sucks. 

4.  These woodchucks. Under my house. 
One day I'll come home to them sitting on my couch. I must address this. Ugh

Saturday, April 25, 2015

My Universe & Blood Clots

I forgot to get a pic of this piece when I finished. GVQC had a challenge called " My Piece of the Universe" 
So an aerial view of my property came to my mind..very literal. 
I've use my discharged, mono printed and rust dyed fabrics. 
Machine quilting. 
Hand stitching. 
Every step of this project was fun. 
"Pearl Street Road" will be at their quilt show,along with other universes, the first weekend in June at RIT in Rochester. 

My home away from home last Monday through Thursday was Millard Fillmore hospital. Pulmonary embolism. Multiple clots in each lung. 
Two weeks ago I flew to Portland OR for an IBEW utility conference. I noticed some swelling in leg/foot and what I thought was winded breathing upon arrival. I attributed the breathing to having put on weight. Apparently I formed a clot/clots on the flight. 
I worked all week noting I had been winded much of the time. So much so that I commented to coworkers about it. 
Finally I decided to ask my RN sister about my symptoms. 
Call dr now. 
I did. I went. Was sent directly to ER. 
No clots in legs verified 
But after scan of chest they discovered I had numerous small blood clots in each lung. 
Winded was actually shortness of breath. 
Now I know. 
Blood thinners and laying low for a bit. 

I have learned:

1. Add xeralta to my list of meds with allergic reaction. 
2.  Michael made Officer Candidate School. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mary Lee's Tiles

At my ArtCGirlz meeting tonight Mary Lee demoed a cool alcohol ink on tile technique. Very cool. It would need a special sealer but I can see how useful this could be. She made done switch light covers for her home using this idea. 
I am pondering what mixed media project I could use this in. 
You never know what little tidbit will make you think. Thanks ML!

I have learned:

1.  10 months to retirement-real-life-living!! If only someone would get prego so the count down would mean more!!

2.  I am buying an Avante quilting machine! Used. Know this woman has taken care of it and I'm so excited! Investment for my future. 

3.  My extra weight was felt walking around Portland OR last week. Give me strength to address it. 

4.  Clifford, the cat bastard, has been sneaky. He waits for the last screen door bobble to get out. Caught him. Alerts on!

5.  Think spring is actually here in western NY. 

6.  My son, Michael, was accepted into Officer Candidate School, Army. Georgia from June til September for him. Proud. 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

6" x 6" Party for ROCO

"Batty Bird"
My favorite one 
"#2 Bird"
"Uh Oh"
A bit of fun!
Mary Lowe had a ROCO-ROchester COntemporary Art Center Party at her cozy, mini art gallery home today. What an in-the-zone day of creativity for the friends that showed up. 
Together we made over 20 works to deliver for the very popular in person & online auction in June. 
My 3 pieces are collage on canvas board. Mary had a veritable Michaels craft store of materials to use. Haven't had a great day like this in a while. Good friends, good good, great art!

I have learned: 

1.  Riley, at 3 1/2 months, is laughing. Like a goose. He's a cool cat!

2.  Gas leaks + epic deep freeze = migrating gas = our guys working around the clock to keep people safe. 

3.  Gas leaks + melting snow = water in low pressure main/services = our guys working around the clock to keep people warm. 

4.  1000 Quilt Inspirations by Sandra Sider came in mail today. I see I sent a section of "Ice Crystals".  0596 on page 182. 

5.  My sister, Noni, at 52, started running with Beat Feet in Buffalo and she is loving it!  Pretty darn cool  sister!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Orange Kitty's

This evening was my ArtCGirlzs meeting. It was pure fun after a busy day at work. 
Martha lead us in this transfer exercise. 
We used Sharpie markets to color our designs then in turn used isopropyl alcohol to transfer the image from card stock to fabric. 
I wanted to see what would happen when I sponged a bit of alcohol onto yo transferred image. It left a watercolor type image. Loved!!
This would represent Clifford, Fiona and dead Chester, my three orange kitty's. 
Fun night. Thanks Martha!
Going to AQS Lancaster Friday with Tracu J. Meeting up with Mary Lee and juried quilter, Martha!! Can't wait. 
Snow is melting. Kitchen ceiling is leaking. Uh oh. 
I have learned:
1.  The Voice. Such a good show. Enjoying. 
2.  Mamasans in Rochester. Mmmm. 
3.  Garth killed it in Buffalo this past weekend.