Sunday, January 31, 2016


Can you tell I love that Waterlogue app!
This is a rendering of some of my improv pieced blocks in that app. It makes everything a work of art!
Actual piece on my design wall. 

I'm still perusing old Mother Earth News mags for interesting info on many topics that intrigue me. Some things I've done to start on a more careful and thoughtful existence are:
Kitchen composting for months now. 
Stopped buying paper towels. 
Hanging laundry outside since Spring 
(Today I hung clothes out...January 31 in Western NY!)
It's just a few things for now, but the satisfaction I get doing each of them is immense. Pleasurably, carefully living. 

In my quest to mostly make it through each day to my final hours at work, progress has been on hold it seems. 
I can't finish anything. I've got projects in the works with very immediate deadlines that are not going to be finished. 
Once the stress of the daily grind is lifted the wheels will turn. 

I have learned:

1.  Toe + wooden block + darkness = very bruised and crippling digit. Ouch. 
2.  21 Day Fix in my near future. 
3.  Cold Antler Farm by Jenna Woginrich a very good read. Homesteader. 
4. Riley aka Cy, is walking and dancing!
13 months at the start. 
5.  I want to learn to crochet using a pattern. 

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Emmy Hartwick said...

Your original and your waterlogged pieces are both spectacular!