Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fabric Collaging

Yesterday my Fiberista group met in Batavia. We had a go with Sue Carlson's fabric collage technique. We were a small but busy group, not even stopping for lunch! Too much fun. I had Frances, Diane and Steph working on the quarter moon pattern that Sue Carlson furnishes in her "Serendipity Quilts" book, an excellent book BTW. 
I worked on the Rolling Stones tongue emblem for my BIL, Bill. I volunteered to do this three years ago, such was the catalyst for my choosing this to entertain the girls this month! 
After enlarging the decal he gave me to work from, I traced the pattern to the cloth and started gluing the black, red and white bits. For me, a Zen-like experience. 
So far this is what it's looking like....

Sue Carlson also authored "Free Style Quilts". Good book as well. 

I have learned:

1.   Madison is 9 days old today. She was due this coming Thursday. A little sweet pea. 

2.   "Monarch of the Glen" on Netflix. Liking much. 

3.   Today is National Sister's Day! I have one of those!

4.   Uh oh. They are saying fracking responsible for more earthquakes in Oklahoma. 

5.   Still no name for the male embryo...Melissa is five months now. Gunnar? Benji? Joey? Mitchell? Thoughts?