Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tiny Air Dry Clay Bird on CQ

Here's a picture of a bit of the block I just made for Melinda. I did a little french knot tree for her and added a teensy bird I made from air dry clay! I love that little bird...I made it with a hole through it so I could sew it on...also painted him a pretty blue and coated him with clear nail polish (no sealer handy). I found the PEACE charm at MICHAEL'S and knew it would be perfect somewhere on her block. After she opens it Saturday night I can post a picture of the full thing. I had a hard time knowing when to stop on this fun block.

I think I mentioned that I have been feeling over-extended. I need to limit my obligations in the future and only do the things I know to be enjoyable. I really want to expand on my creative output...try new things...learn techniques. I have a project on the back burner I am dying to get to. I have a box of cool objects to incorporate into anything I want! It is definitely a project that promises to excite me. I need to clear up some required stitching then plan to get into it.

I will leave you with another gorgeous sunset from my treasured vacation.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Canadian Sunset

One of the beautiful sunsets from Sunset Cove, on Lake Nipissing, Canada. I had a wonderfully relaxing week with Pam, Jim, Sarah, Hannah, Noah and Freffer's, Hannah's boyfriend. (Sounds like a dog but it's her nickname for Jeff!) I read 2 books.... Three Junes by Julia Glass.
Another excellent read. I love "people" stories.

I did a little bit of stitching on various CQ pieces.

I started on "BELIEVE" in my loved french knots for Lynn's CQ RR block. It will prove to be a little challenge since all around the area is beading and buttons and trims that my thread is catching on!
Sorry about this image...don't know what happened...looked clear when I downloaded it! It is a tracing from a book I have on Crazy Quilting. I used chain stitch to do swirly wings and body and satin for head. It's a burgundy metallic thread.

This flower is made from deconstructed silk flowers and beads.
I need to finish up my 1 block swap for Melinda and mail tomorrow. I am waiting for a little bird I made from air dry clay to dry after I painted it blue this afternoon. He will go on the block area where the tree is. I have loved doing this block for someone I know and truly like. I am excited for her to see it next Saturday.

I successfully put all the things that trouble me out of my mind for 7 days. Of course now I must do some figuring....money always seems to be the crux of stress. On paper things look like they should work out but in reality...nope!

So a tornado actually touched down approximately 8 miles down the road as I was driving home yesterday. My daughter and her fiance, Cory, recorded the funnel forming in the sky. Local news interviewed him and showed his video on the news. Creepy. It did some structural damage, and knocked down electric poles. Apparently gas leaks were reported. Will find out tomorrow if it was new ones caused by the tornado damage or if they were existing leaks. I am expecting to have to do some follow up leak investigating.

I have decided to once again join Weight Watcher's to rid myself of 20-25 pounds. I did it before, I will do it again. I do hate to spend the money on this since it seems like something I should be able to do on my own.....but I cannot. I need the weigh-in once a week. It's like a game...I don't like to record any gains once I start to lose. SO, here's to one more time!!

So I learned a few things:

  1. How to play flip-cup.
  2. How to play Mancala.
  3. E-F1 tornado's categorized by 80-110 mph wind.
  4. I am over-extended creatively. I have committed myself to many RR's, swaps, raffle quilt obligation, art quilts, program responsibilities for guild, upcoming workshops. I will get through them all but must limit myself in the future. In the past it wasn't an issue but work takes so much more out of me now that I find my spare time shortened up by fatigue.

Friday, July 17, 2009


My home away from home for the next week. I will be sitting in that blue chair relaxing...no phone, no laptop, no texts. Removal from reality!

Monday, July 13, 2009

CQ Angel Heart

My friend Anne asked if I had a CQ item sitting around that she could have to donate to an auction for a local charity. I usually work on RR's or swaps and consequently most work I do is on someone else's block! I did happen upon this little "healing heart" I never finished. It is centered around my all-time favorite fabric....little angels! ( I made long curtains over 10 years ago and when I moved into this house I sewed the panel together to make my extra long shower curtain!) I free hand stitched "ANGEL" in variegated machine quilting thread, in backstitch.

This is the entire, uncut heart block. I added texture with the ribbon yarn couched and tacked. I love using machine quilting threads, especially the multi-colored ones. I have also used the shiny rayon machine embroidery threads. I spread the blue/green thread around the block, using it in the feather stitch, tiny french knots and lazy daisy stitch alternating with the silk ribbon. The last bit to finish yet is in the upper right...I have begun to free hand stitch swirly's to connect the lazy daisy flowers.

I made this dragonfly by cutting 2 petals off of a silk flower and using silk ribbon to added dimension while also tacking the wings down. Using the same ribbon I stitched his body and head. Quick bug!

I didn't get everything on my list done.

I weeded..... I ended up weed whacking....... I CQ'd on the ANGEL block....I did stitch the star and added pretty beading to it..... I didn't discharge any fabric....did not look for an image to share with my art quilt friends....and didn't get the Grandfather block out of the box. Not bad!

I learned today:

  1. I love Boca veggie burgers. ( I knew this before, but want YOU to learn it today!)
  2. The new boss seems like a good young man. Good.
  3. Found World Without End online for under $8.00

Friday, July 10, 2009

Ruffley Little Owl...on the short list for Art Quilt

I love this little guy. I love his ruffley, unkempt feathers and those little black eyes staring back at you. While staying in North Bay, Canada last year with my oldest friend Pam (and by oldest I mean I have known her since I was 7....not that she is 99 years old oldest!)and her family, he showed up on Noah's bike seat. Very cool.
We are leaving Saturday for the annual stay on Lake Nipissing! I love this week away. No phone, texts or internet access...allows maximum relaxation and plenty of time to read, stitch on CQ pieces, play SCRABBLE and enjoy the company of Pam, Jim, little Sarah, Hanners & Mobi aka Noah.
I do plan to use this image to make an art quilt!. I've got a pattern traced out and a plan! Now I just need to make the time.....I have just been reminded what an exciting endeavor this project would be!
I read Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett about 3 years ago and loved it. Long but not long enough. Medieval times are intriguing. I didn't know he was writing a sequel then so when I learned he had written World Without End almost 20 years later I was happy. This book is not a 3-week library loaner! It's wonderfully wordy. It would be a great summer read.
It is the cherished weekend again and I have many things on my list I hope to cross off.
  1. Weed front gardens...only the BIGGEST weeds though.
  2. Navigate Michael to the weed whacker
  3. Stitch a star on a special CQ block
  4. Finish CQing the little Angel heart block
  5. Plan my attack on Thearica's Grandfather tribute block. I think I am seeing some verbiage for sure
  6. Find an image to present to my art quilt group for consideration on a split quilt project.
  7. Try out the glitzer tool my friend Melanie gave me! Cool tool...attaches little crystals to fabric. Endless possibilities~thanks Mel!
  8. Try discharging on black velvet

Notice not too much housework? The older I get the more I feel free to spend non-work-my-arse-off time doing the things that make me happy. The upside of each passing day!

Today I learned:

  1. My newest boss is 22. His 1st day with my company was 3 weeks ago. Seems like a nice young Pennsylvanian.
  2. Michael Jackson's death will make the Jackson clan rich & infamous.
  3. Received my Passport Card, good for land only travel outside U.S. $35 and 4 weeks later. I am Canada-ready now.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Offspring & CQ Wire Ribbon Flower

My daughter Melissa & son Michael at our town's little Picnic in the Park on the 4th. Melissa is a Special ed/Elementary ed teacher finishing up her Master's degree in Special Ed at Buffalo State College. Michael will be a junior this year. He plays football for St. John Fisher College in Rochester. I am happy to say that they are both very responsible young adults, on track to hopeful futures. I am proud of them both!


30 years ago I started my job. I was 2 weeks out of high school. I had planned to go to Buff State also. Things were a bit different then. I remember borrowing a dress from a friend since I would be working in a 20 story office building. The dress was flannel....it was in the 80's! I now work in our operations union having transferred from clerical 13 years ago. I wear steel toe boots, orange hardhat & reflective vest now! Things have changed, especially over the last year. Tough times. Too much work with too few people. I can retire in 6 yrs. 9 mos. I am counting.


I have been doing alot of CQ stitching. I have 5 projects that need my attention. This flower is made from dyed wired ribbon that I form into a circular shape and then tack down repeatedly. I used some matte multi-colored blue beads I bought in N.H. Adding pistol stitches and random french knots to center gives one more dimension.

When working on my CQ's I like to have more than 1 or 2 different stitches to a seam treatment or motif. I think it makes a big difference in the finished product. Looks like you know what your doing!

I have been working on the little heart for a local charity...no picture yet!

Today I learned:

  1. I carved a bunch of soft erasers this morning. I haven't tested them yet though but it was fun! I have a piece of lino that I am waiting for inspiration to hit before I dig in to it!

  2. I tea/coffee dyed some bits of fabric. Wool felt, old linen napkin & unknown fiber. I love all of them! There is something about that vintage look that spells comfort for me. When Priscilla Kibbee was here she mentioned using loose tea leaves and layering them between fabric layers. I would assume the fabric would have to be wet to begin with. I will be using these bits on a project my friend Colleen & I are doing.

Friday, July 3, 2009

My CQ RR Valance is Home...thank you my friends!!

I was involved in a CQ RR over the last few months. A group of women from west coast, east coast & due south worked on my original piece...an 8" x 80" valance for my kitchen! I, in turn, worked on theirs as all the blocks circulated from one person to the next. The work is so creative and beautiful. I am touched by the work, time and care put into this. I will treasure it.
I will do some more stitching on it and finish it out and when it hangs in my kitchen window it will be a work of art! Thank you girls~
I have been off all week and got virtually nothing done....no kitchen painted, no sewing machine out, not much cleaning and very little yard work. BUT I did golf with my son twice, shopped with my daughter, had my niece and nephew overnight and laughed with them, my daughter's fiance made a fire for us twice and we all sat around it and I spent precious time with my friend Sandy. I am measuring this vacation week by those all important relationships and the memories any one of our experiences may have made.
Today my son learned:
  1. The NO STANDING sign on the side of a road doesn't mean HE can't stand there....it means a CAR can't STAND there! WOW. This is a boy that makes the Dean's list. That was worth a 5 minute laugh, tears and stomach muscles fully involved!!