Monday, July 13, 2009

CQ Angel Heart

My friend Anne asked if I had a CQ item sitting around that she could have to donate to an auction for a local charity. I usually work on RR's or swaps and consequently most work I do is on someone else's block! I did happen upon this little "healing heart" I never finished. It is centered around my all-time favorite fabric....little angels! ( I made long curtains over 10 years ago and when I moved into this house I sewed the panel together to make my extra long shower curtain!) I free hand stitched "ANGEL" in variegated machine quilting thread, in backstitch.

This is the entire, uncut heart block. I added texture with the ribbon yarn couched and tacked. I love using machine quilting threads, especially the multi-colored ones. I have also used the shiny rayon machine embroidery threads. I spread the blue/green thread around the block, using it in the feather stitch, tiny french knots and lazy daisy stitch alternating with the silk ribbon. The last bit to finish yet is in the upper right...I have begun to free hand stitch swirly's to connect the lazy daisy flowers.

I made this dragonfly by cutting 2 petals off of a silk flower and using silk ribbon to added dimension while also tacking the wings down. Using the same ribbon I stitched his body and head. Quick bug!

I didn't get everything on my list done.

I weeded..... I ended up weed whacking....... I CQ'd on the ANGEL block....I did stitch the star and added pretty beading to it..... I didn't discharge any fabric....did not look for an image to share with my art quilt friends....and didn't get the Grandfather block out of the box. Not bad!

I learned today:

  1. I love Boca veggie burgers. ( I knew this before, but want YOU to learn it today!)
  2. The new boss seems like a good young man. Good.
  3. Found World Without End online for under $8.00

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