Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tiny Air Dry Clay Bird on CQ

Here's a picture of a bit of the block I just made for Melinda. I did a little french knot tree for her and added a teensy bird I made from air dry clay! I love that little bird...I made it with a hole through it so I could sew it on...also painted him a pretty blue and coated him with clear nail polish (no sealer handy). I found the PEACE charm at MICHAEL'S and knew it would be perfect somewhere on her block. After she opens it Saturday night I can post a picture of the full thing. I had a hard time knowing when to stop on this fun block.

I think I mentioned that I have been feeling over-extended. I need to limit my obligations in the future and only do the things I know to be enjoyable. I really want to expand on my creative output...try new things...learn techniques. I have a project on the back burner I am dying to get to. I have a box of cool objects to incorporate into anything I want! It is definitely a project that promises to excite me. I need to clear up some required stitching then plan to get into it.

I will leave you with another gorgeous sunset from my treasured vacation.

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NickiLee said...

OMG! Kathi! That picture is just gorgeous! You have to find a way to incorporate it into a piece of your CQ art! Love it!