Saturday, August 1, 2009

CQ 1 Block Swap...Pink & Brown Faerie

I recently participated in a CQ block swap in HGTV message board. Each person got to outline what type of block they would like to receive...color preference, theme etc. I decided to let my daughter be the recipient this round and her request was for Brown & Pink and girly. Monasent made this gorgeous block! Melissa will love it when she sees it. The faerie is adorable with the princess crown. Great swap Nicki! Thank you Mona!

Here is the block I made for Melinda. She wanted jewel tones, stars, moon, all nature. I loved working on this block and hope she likes it!

It was a productive day today. I cleaned the kitchen and it looks good! Didn't weed though. Maybe tomorrow.

I did a little bit of stitching on Lynn's CQ RR block. I am using french knots to write BELIEVE on it for her. I may have a picture of that tomorrow. I love french knots!


bingo~bonnie said...

great Show-N-Tell irish ;) Your daughter is gonna love that block! Those colors look great together and it is very girly.

you love french knots ea? Why didn't I know it in NH?? I would have sit by you and watched.. and learned. I've left all of my "i" undotted in my monthly "quilter's Blessings" redwork BOM so far until I learn how - then I'll go back and dot them.. LOL

Happy Weekend & Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Anonymous said...

Kathi, I am sooooo thrilled with my block that you made "just for me" and I have it in a shadow box just waiting to be hung so I can show it off to everyone who visits. I really love it and can't thank you's absolutely awesome and a real work of art.

Pidamya, many many thanks and hugs,
Lin (Melinda)