Friday, August 21, 2009

Talia's Sexy Fairy's CQ block!

Sorry about the blurry image but I thought it was worth showing. The dyed lace frame around the fairy is such a great idea.

Love this image. They are my colors. So ethereal.

Carolyn painted this stunning peacock. Any of us that are fortunate enough to get an original painting from her, treasure it. She is the woman that did the dragonfly on my CQ valance.

The images she found were gorgeous.

"T" for Talia in matte multi-colored beads.

Here is the entire pieced and embellished Fairy block. Talia has a real beauty ...such creative women worked on this. Love this piece.

Speaking of Fairy's......
This is my little fairy house in the garden. A friend of mine likes to keep himself busy and playing with tools, making birdhouses, is a little hobby. He used a woodburning tool to make his signature flower. Looks so sweet in my small garden next to my house.

I love rusty old things..this old metal garden fence was on my property. It is bent and mangled a bit but it seems perfect for some interesting installation. I haven't been able to part with it for 6 years. I guess it should go...soon? I say all this because by friend Pam has been bringing her son Noah to my house to ride the mower and cut my grass. They have been doing some other things for me and Pam mentioned the rusty fence. Now she knows me...for over 40 years, so she knows how I feel about that rusty pile of antiquity. To her it seems logical to have thrown it out 6 years ago! To her it is useless old junk (which it undoubtedly is) cluttering up the joint! I am not ready to trash it just yet. I can use it to rust dye fabric (perfect)or I can stretch it back out in front of my concrete, concession-to-the-times (I understand), front porch or I can just appreciate that fence for all it's charm, all the weather it's been exposed to, all the chemical reaction that went into making it this far. For now...I keep the rusty garden fence.

My thread painting class is all day tomorrow. I am excited to learn a new technique and think of ways to incorporate it in things I do. Of course I have not gathered all my supplies but I know I will be up early to finish. I will have camera and pics will assuredly be posted on Sunday.
Also going to The Creekside Inn in Caledonia for a dinner and trunk show from 2 women. Should be fun.
I learned today:
  1. My washer needs a new clutch. Wonder what that will run me?
  2. My lawn mower needs a new belt and an $80 thingy.
  3. I won't be doing laundry or mowing this weekend!

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Quilts with Wine (aka Melanie) said...

No laundry, no mowing! No worries! More quilting and crafting!