Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thread Painting Progress

I am getting closer to thinking this is "painted". The flowers are defined. I had to add another layer of heavy stabilizer to avoid more puckering. Now I tear the tear-away stabilizer off the back and sandwich with a thin batting and have at the background. Caren stippled hers...nicely I might add. I am not very confident in my stippling abilities. You must think about 15 stitches ahead so you don't get tangled up. Maybe if I practice the movement on paper I will see how not to get stuck? Once the background quilting is done the images you've thread painted pop out. I am very excited about this piece and this process!

I really love the magenta on the darker leaf shapes.

Here us a close-up of my progress on the Black Eyed Susan. I added a rusty color thread after the yellow thread to define the shape more and liked it. It still needed something....if you look carefully you will see an orange-y colored thread on edges and some in the petals. Notice the center is done in zig-zag free motion which adds a different texture. A bit of green is in there too.
Oh so chilly outside! I like it though. It was a great day to meander around the Elmwood Art Festival with Sandy, Carol, Terry and Lauren. I actually bought a nice leather bag, just big enough for whatever you may need on an outing. Handcrafted by a man that doesn't waste time on the email or business cards or contact info...just makes wonderful leather bags of all kinds to sell! I am intrigued by the concept.

Lunch at Brodo's. Delicious!

I learned:

  1. Melissa makes excellent chicken salad!

  2. Inexpensive air dry clay is cool. These are the miscellaneous bits I made a while ago. I used some small bird stamps on some. I love the idea of the healed heart. I plan to paint them and grunge them up and use them creatively!
  3. I admire jewelry. I don't wear it though. When I retire, I will wear jewelry. (my take on "When I am old, I will wear purple..."!)

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JodyC said...

Your tread painting is very nice. I like the magenta on the dark leaf. I like your background fabric makes the flowers pop off the fabric.