Monday, September 7, 2009

A Little of This & That

Isn't this a really art-worthy portrait of my niece Darcy? I cropped the image, then played with the resolution and coloring and ended up with something I want to print on fabric and use in something soon. It's almost old world looking. She is a beautiful girl! to play with images of flowers in the photo editing on my computer. It's just basic stuff but you can alter the intensity of the image and color to improve mundane pictures to interesting. I would love to know more about any free editing software available online. I really want to be able to layer pics to come up with something useful in art quilting.

Cool close-up of a sunflower at my sister's house today.

My friend Carolyn is a talented painter who graciously posts little painted "silkies" on her blog for all to see and use for personal purposes (not resale). Just print them out on fabric and use on a CQ block or frame them up! Thanks Carolyn! I wanted a quick release of creativity so I decided to pick some leaves and make a few prints! It's so easy, so fun. Choosing leaves with good vein-age is key. I used cheap acrylic paint, undiluted and a sponge brush...laid it down on solid surface on fabric, covered with a paper towel and used a bottle to roll over the leaf to make sure the entire surface touches the fabric. Cool. I could use these in a fabric collage, ATC..maybe a little thread painting!

I haven't stitched much this week but certainly have many things to get going on:

  1. CQ for ME...I received the 2 fabrics & motifs from Nicki that will be incorporated into a CQ block that I will work on for ME! I am going to make a bag for my Weight Watchers weekly info pamphlets. It will be useful and pretty.
  2. I have to piece a CQ block for a RR as a new member of Crazy Quilting International.

  3. After a quick applique lesson from Tracy I am ready to work on 2 blocks for our guild's raffle quilt. Tracy & I are in charge of the quilt show raffle quilt for show next October.

  4. Plus sized inchies are on the agenda for a swap Charlyn is running. I have started seed stitching on some dyed felted wool to work with. Also a bunch of "self portrait" ATC's are part of this swap.

  5. I will be ready to add my stitches to the next MERMAID block I get. Mine is looking so good!
    Here are 2 images of recent work by Kathy and Thearica.

My friend Sandy is in the hospital. Yesterday she had surgery to take care bleeding on her brain. I saw her this morning and she is heavily sedated but cognisant of her surroundings. She is in ICU on a ventilator so she can't talk but the first thing she "asked" me was about her daughter Lauren by using her hands to make an L. Her prognosis is good.

I have learned:

  1. I will lose 20-25 lbs and WW will be the route. It works.
  2. Read The Shack. Interesting.
  3. Fiber Arts Mixed Media is an online group for creative endeavors.
  4. There is a new Gatorade that my son's football team is supplying to the players. It has 79 grams of carbohydrates!

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