Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pebble Quilting..Inchies..CQ..Heart block

Finished quilting the Black Eyed Susan thread painted piece. My favored pebble quilting took a couple hours today...and a back ache! (kitchen table...sewing machine...ergonomics failure!) Free motion quilting those random circle's is so satisfying for me. What isn't very satisfying is that mono filament thread. It's the good stuff but it still breaks. All I have to do on this now is the binding. I will have something for Show n' Tell at next Saturday's guild meeting!
Charlyn is hosting a Plus Size Inchie swap. I used the yarn fabric I made using the water soluble Solvy (layered that cool colorful yarn in a cross hatch pattern, sewed a grid to keep yarns together, then disolve the 2 layers of Solvy in warm water.)...fused to Timtex and zig zagged edges. 1 set will be 9 inchies. These little bits of creativity are so fun! I hope to get to another set done using clear vinyl....putting something between it and the background fabric. Maybe those teeny tiny silver glass balls? or glitter? or a preserved leaf? or ??? Another project for another day.

Pretty bright? I just love these colors! Chartreuse is yummy! The fabrics are old linen napkins I picked up at Sally Ann's and dyed with DynaFlow dyes. I look forward to seeing what 4 ladies do with this block in my 1st RR in CQI. I think the challenge will be using the right colors on it. Primary's and pastel's obviously won't work! I am confident it will be gorgeous when I get it back March.

I whipped up this little 8.5" heart block today too. I couldn't resist adding the crown I had made for something else that didn't work out. I just love it!

Carol, Sandy in Carol's neighbor's backyard sitting by their koi pond.
Sandy is still in an induced coma after last Sunday's surgery on a brain bleed.
Good news and bad news daily.
I learned:
  1. I can applique!
  2. I discovered NCIS . I like the dynamics of the character's. I like Mark Harmon with grey hair.
  3. Super Scrabble! I want this. I used to play Scrabble with my mother when I was a kid...we never kept score. WHAT was up with that? I love winning at Scrabble.
  4. BRUCE! (Springsteen...but really, it goes without saying!) November 22nd...last concert of this tour..I will be there! Thanks Jim & Pammers for taking care of the purchasing logistics for me!
  5. Lost 3 lbs my 1st week in Weight Watchers. Having done this before, I know the first 10 lbs are not that hard. Keep me on track.
  6. is a very cool site Melanie told me about. Check it make your own radio stations to listen to on your computer. I will be using this for sure.
  7. Whoopie cushions are awesome! My friend Sharon made Whoopie covers, complete with flatulent cushion and gifted us with them at our monthly Art Quilt group meeting. I laughed like a child! Flatulence gets me every time.


Anonymous said...

Good morning, My machine does not like monofiliment thread either. Liked the projects you did this week. I have been working on two embroidered applique scarecrows. No directions made it difficult, but I am happy with the results. Will share a picture when they are complete. Have a great week!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I must say that she is a beautiful girl inside and out!