Sunday, September 27, 2009

Art Quilt~Collage & Kaffe Fassett Crazy Quilt Block

This is the quilt Pat Pauly designed~it is the GVQC raffle quilt. It is stunning! If you are interested in purchasing tickets I am sure she can help you out. Just click here.

This is my favorite Pat Pauly quilt. All of these quilts are her gorgeous creations. Her style "feels" like me. I hope my guild can schedule a workshop with her next year.
You can see some of her shibori dyed fabrics in some of the pieces.

Another weekend over??? I LIVE for them. I had Darcy & Ian overnight Friday til 5PM last night. They are growing...10 & 11..soon to be 12! The only issue I had to tend to was Ian not staying with me in Salvation Army. I told him twice...then I had to tether him to me with my key lanyard! When we got home I gave him a treat! (when my greyhound, Dean is good I give him a treat too!)

Melanie has also gotten re-inspired to work on a One Block Wonder quilt after seeing Martha's last Saturday. The idea that one busy fabric can become a work of art really intrigues me. We are going to have a little mini sewing retreat at her house sometime soon! She Quilts with Wine!!

It was so nice to talk with Jody today! I met her in person at the HGTV retreat in April. Her computer skills are a gift when one is stumbling! worked!

My Art Quilt Group has been working (loosely) through the Art Quilt Workshop book. I made a couple little works previously and spent a few hours yesterday coming up with my COLLAGE quilt. Collage is what I love...looks like my brains works! The bright green is handmade paper from the Dollar Store, tea stained Warm & Natural batting, commercial fabrics and the numbers off the selvage edges of fabrics. I still have to quilt it up...machine? hand? Don't know yet, but I love it!
I am participating in a CQ for ME challenge. My friend Nicki is encouraging a group of us to make a crazy quilt block for ourselves. What a concept! I pieced mine confetti-ish style today with luscious Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Thanks to my pal Christie I have a little stash of precious scraps....she saved them from sure dumpster death! What a travesty that would have now I am putting them to good use. Thanks Christie!
I have learned:
  1. Bruce Springsteen is 60!
  2. How to copy & paste images to Word, putting multiple pics on 1 page to print on fabric. I know...seems so basic! Not!
  3. Did the Bills lose again?
  4. I need handcuffs. I have searched every store in my little city and no toy handcuffs to be found. It is usual Dollar Store fodder but alas...NOT today. I have a clever idea for a bra for the Pink Hatters charity event to benefit women in our community that don't have medical insurance to have mammograms. ANYway, I may have to just improvise the cuffs. I must work on this ASAP. It is due next week.
  5. Down 7.6 lbs!
  6. Mark Lipinski quit Quilter's Home magazine. I have only read a few of them but I do like his sense of humor.

Have a great week. Do something new or tackle something old. Learn new things!

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Anonymous said...

Liked the pictures that you posted yesterday. You are doing well at WW and keep working at it. I will be at Collector's club tonight and hope to see you there. It is a small but friendly group. Not as cold out there as earlier in the week. Sounds as if the week-end guests provided you with fun as well as extra work. We just had four extra for dinner and they created the same for us. Have a great week!!!!