Thursday, October 1, 2009

T.G.I.F. Today! Quilt shows to See!

Finally a day off tomorrow! I NEED it...bad. What a week. Melissa hit a deer with my Trailblazer Monday morning....that was bad. She was OK...vehicle NOT.

I have a $1000.00 deductible. That is sooo bad.

Sandy went home today!

I am indulging in 2 quilt shows this weekend. Tomorrow I am going to see my friend Penny's guild's show. Saturday a few of us are traveling to Ithaca to a show there that has an "Iron Quilter" competition! Pat Pauly and Priscilla Kibbee (both recent speakers for my guild) are 2 of the 8 competitors. They have been "pumping up" for the event! I admit that this competition is my prime reason for wanting to drive 2 3/4 hours to see how it all pans out! I am highly intrigued.

I still haven't found handcuffs. I may have to abandon my very cool idea for my Bra for a Cause. I have another week though. Anyone have a spare set?

Dare I list a few things I hope to complete this weekend? Yes, I love lists.
  1. Self Portrait ATC's. I have my face printed on fabric. Need to make the base.
  2. Stitch on Colleen's CQ block for CQI .
  3. Stitch on my CQ for ME....need to add the challenge fabric before I work the embellishments. I am really pleased with those Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Feels like "me".
  4. Appliqueing the raffle quilt block.
  5. The Bra...I do have another idea but the original is so much better. I may have to resort to "Me Jane".
  6. Dye wool. I already dyed EBONY. I need DIJON and KIWI now. My initials are KDE. My guild's annual challenge is "Initially Yours". Use colors starting with your initials. Visually my trio is dynamic. Now to come up with a piece that makes it work!

That sounds like alot doesn't it? Well dream big.!

Have a good weekend. Make something....a quilt, an inchie, an ATC....some fabric...dinner... cookies....or just make a mess! I am really good at that!

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