Sunday, October 25, 2009

Here's What 21 Looks Like...

Busy busy weekend! Michael turned 21 Friday. I bought him his first legal beer! His girlfriend, Karyssa also turned 21 last Tuesday! All family members gathered to celebrate at Olive Garden. Friday was had by all! Football game Saturday. Today a cheer competition my nieces were involved in. Here is Darcy looking like a young lady! That smile. Love that smile.

So the only creative moment I can claim is a visit to a quilt shop yesterday! Needed more fabric for the guild's raffle quilt. I managed to find some FQ's I just had to have.

My hopes are pinned on next weekend and I will be making a list of what will be on the agenda sometime this week.

I have learned:

  1. The term "black-balled" came from the Freemason's. They used a black cube as a NO vote when nominating a prospective member.
  2. is an Internet radio site. It is so cool. Go to it. Make your own radio stations. Find new music. Find old favorites. Love it.
  3. I love Project Runway. Right now I am liking the Hannah girl.

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JodyC said...

Very Handsome "21"!!! Sounds like a fun weekend.