Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Winner of Iron quilt show sideshow

A quick post! I have had a motivating 3 days. Quilt show in Elma Friday & lunch at Sandy's. So wonderful to see she is doing well and laughing again.
Quilt show on Saturday.
Sewed ALL DAY LONG today. I will post my projects later in the week. I could do this creating thing every day!

Yesterday Martha, Sharon and I went to a fantastic quilt show in Dryden NY. TCQG's show was inspiring. Lot's of great quilts (I will post them soon), lot's of vendors and of course Project Iron Quilter. A great time was had by all!
This sideshow was as exciting as an episode of Project Runway (my favorite show!). Watching all the participants work, their progress and the end results made this show a standout. I love the idea of producing something with limited materials and design constraints. It is something I would love to try with my arty friends! The IRON QUILTER is Susan Clark from Brantford Ontario, Canada. The challenge was to include curves and straight lines and she truly did just that! It succeeds. It's almost graffiti-like. Congratulations!
Ruth Ohol from Lockport. She worked quietly and diligently to finish up this stunning quilt.

Louise Tiemann's whimsical wallhanging.

Mary Diamonds almost finished...really wonderful quilt. I love the concept and fabric in this one. She promised to finish it for the winning bidder! 3 hours flies when people are watching you work, think, sew, cut, think and finish.

Another finished piece. Cute! By Maureen Jakubson.

Pat Pauly's finished, sleeved and time to spare quilt! Her own hand manipulated fabrics make this a show-stopper. "Slash 'n Burn the Iron Quilter" could be a good working title!

Sally Dutko's finished piece. I like the collage-ness.

Priscilla Kibbee's finished wallhanging. I might call this one "X Marks the Iron Quilter"!

Great quilts by all ladies...auctioned for charity.

I met up with a friend from Ithaca at the show. Lisa and her adorable son Jeremy with the lady-killer blue eyes! I met Lisa at the COf retreat in April but "met" her on HGTV message boards a few years ago. Hope to meet up with her next weekend when I go to Ithaca College for Michael's football game.
I learned:
  1. Sandy can actually feel the bit of skull in her abdomen. Will put back in a few weeks. Well she won't put it back...she will have surgery so have it re-installed!
  2. I won a CQ "squishie" as they call it, on CQI Yahoo group. They have a monthly challenge. September was FLOWERS. I posted a twisty flower made with silk ribbon with french knots and black seed beads in its center. I can't wait to see what I am gifted!
  3. You can fit an old sewing machine with the barbed needles to felt. I want to do this.
  4. The deer are grazing under the apple tree by the log shed. Sweet damagers.
  5. There is a site (free) that will let you track where people are from that look at your blog and also let you know the route they took to get to your site. Interesting.

Good day!

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bingo~bonnie said...

Kathy that is a great photo of you and Lisa - how fun to get to meet up with one another again :) It looks like you had a wonderful time at the shows. :)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

PS - I'd love to know where that site is that shows who's looking at your blog and where they clicked from... I got to you from my google reader :) you are in my list and I can see when you update :)