Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Me Jane" Bra for a Cause

"Me Jane" is the title of my Bra for a Cause. Made from tea-dyed Warm & Natural batting, pebble stitched quilting using tear-away stabilizer, hand stitched to bra and cork beads embellishing the front. I hand sewed batting to the straps (the entire bra has to be covered)It also needed to be tacked to a padded hanger which was the town search of the week! While failing to find them at our 2nd destination, I ran into my friend Sharon and she suggested Bed Bath & Beyond and YES they had them. I had to spend $9.99 for a set of six but what the heck...I got one! The back of the bra. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I won this wonderful collection of CQ fabrics & embellishments from a monthly challenge in the . Yahoo group! What a treasure of bits! One can never have enough CQ stash.

I have done a little stitching on Colleen's CQ block. It's got a Cold Winter's Night theme. I traced a motif from The Ultimate Design Source Book for Crafters..from the Angels & Fairie section, onto tracing paper. I pin in place and stitch over the lines, then pull off the paper (takes a while since some paper gets trapped under your stitches) and voila! your design looks near perfect! I stitched her in 3 different kinds of white thread and I am adding a cool blue metallic now. When she is done I will post the picture.
I learned:
  1. Handing over $1000.00 to get my Trailblazer back was mostly nauseating.
  2. 8.6 lbs so far! Weight Watchers works.
  3. I figured out how to put a site counter on my blog. I was chatting with Beth at the quilt show last weekend. I read her blog. She told me about
  4. The luminous red maple tree leaves are my favorite.


Anonymous said...

The bra is really a lot of work and hope that you will be a winner. When is the contest? I would like to attend the auction and viewing, but cannot find the info with that in it. Frost is out there the AM, and winter is arriving all too soon. Keep doing well at WW and you will soon be at your goal. My URL contain illegal characters...I tried again this AM.

JodyC said...

Great job on the "Bra for a Cause". Congratulations on your CQ Stash win, nice collection of pretties. Can't wait to see your stitched motif. White tissue paper works well, for tracing and stitching. I've recycled it from gift boxes and it works fine.

Quilts with Wine (aka Melanie) said...

I love the bra! You are so clever! I have actually traced onto water-soluable stabilizer when I've needed to trace and stitch something. I have tons. I'll bring you some on Saturday to try.