Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Crazy-ish Lampshade

Yes it is a lampshade! It is an old Pottery Barn silk shade that no longer had a home atop a lamp base. So one day I picked it up and started hand stitching home dec fabric swatches to it (some fabric stores will pin samples to the roll). I really like how it is coming along. Fun to recycle, rethink and repurpose (much like the BRA project). I have quite a bit more to do but thought I'd share.

I just received the next CQ block in my novice fulfillment for CQI's RR. Aida's block is gorgeous satins in very complimentary solid colors....cream, lavender, seafoam green, pink & peach. I am already running many options through my mind! Love it.

I have a few things that MUST get time this weekend.

  • CONFIGURE 2 size blocks for courthouse steps. Need to nail down strip sizes for specific block size. Wish I was mathematical. Not. I will be doing this the "slow & steady" way.

  • APPLIQUE the block for raffle quilt. I have never appliqued before and am a little stumped at the layering/stitching process. But will give it my best shot!

  • DYE fabric with Dijon mustard. I need "D"ijon. I know mustard stains. Worth a try. I don't need alot. Or I could dye yellow and overdye with brown? Experiment.

  • My CQ for ME block (the Kaffe Fassett blocks I posted a couple weeks ago) is looking great! I am loving how the busy fabrics are taking all the embellishment.

  • MAKE a gift to exchange at Christmas party for quilt guild.

Fall. Luminous foliage right outside my door. Soon this tree will be naked and periodically covered in snow!

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JodyC said...

WOW...busy weekend...sounds familiar. Good Luck sending creative/productive thoughts your way.