Saturday, October 31, 2009

My CQ for ME Progress

Happy Halloween!~~~~ Pumpkin courtesy of Melissa, carved by Michael & Karyssa~~~~ *************************************************************************
I haven't taken a stitch yet this weekend! I know, it's only Saturday. I will make a few tonight on Aida's CQ block. It is a beatiful block and I am inspired by the colors. I have a has something to do with this STITCH magazine and the cover article! Hope it works out.
I LOVE LOVE this magazine and it is the hardest mag to find...ever. No store in my town carries it so when ever I am near a B&N I run in to see if it is there. I have missed many of them this way. Since it is published in England, subscribing is cost prohibitive due to mailing costs. Do check it out if you have the chance. It is an excellent source of inspriation.

My work so far on my CQ for ME block. (a challenge I am participating in to make a block for ourselves since we are always making them for others in various swaps)I am loving it! I knew these Kaffe Fasset fabrics would look great with embellishments and I am not disappointed. This block is exciting!

One of my favorite seam embellishments! I have used brown silk ribbon here, randomly folding and twisting it as I tack it down with french knots. It looks good in chiffon and satin ribbon too. The ribbon just needs to be more pliable than stiff. It adds alot of dimension to a piece.

Free form flower using perle cotton. French knot center and pistol stitch & straight stitch petals.

Close-up of the blue silk fabric & chiffon ribbon flower on my project. The blue silk dupioni is 1 of the 2 fabrics I must use in my block. I made a yo-yo and tacked it down. Added the chiffon ribbon petals 1 loop at a time all around. I will add beads to the center yet.
I have learned:
  1. 77 MPH winds will knock the average person over.

  2. Karyssa just carved her 1st pumpkin! She's 21.

  3. Cory never made pumpkin seeds before. He has now! He's 25.

  4. 81 lb dog + oral surgery = approximately $400.00.

  5. 12 lbs down now!

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Nicki Lee said...

Hey Kathi! Only you would come up with something crazy like a yoyo to use that blue fabric LOL! I love it and already know what you do to beaded flowers so I am sure it is going to be awesome when its done! Awesome progress on your block!