Monday, October 12, 2009

CQRR...Cold Winter's Night

This is Colleen's CQ RR block from our novice obligation swap in CQI. It is the Cold Winter's Night theme. Dark green,white and black are the main colors.(I know this picture is not very well lit..sorry.) I wanted to show you the design from the book and how well it came out using the tissue paper. You can make out the various white threads I used, what you can't see very well is the metallic deep blue swirls I added. I also painted the polymer clay face opalescent white and put on Colleen's lace piece to represent a cold night moon.

I mentioned The Ultimate Design Source Book for Crafters yesterday. Here are some great images from the 1" thick book. Looking through it always yields another bunch of ideas. They can be enlarged or minimized to suit your need. Isolating parts of a design a possibility too. You can stitch it, color it, make a stencil, applique. I used a border design as the wave on Carolyn's Mermaid CQ block months ago. Love this image. I can see this done in black silhouette and vibrant iridescent wings.

When I was putting my Mermaid block together I could have used this. I never thought to look in this book then.

Art Deco. This image enlarged to 24"x36", in a strong colorway would be awesome.

I am a Pisces. Maybe I should use this on my CQ for ME/Kaffe block. Thinking.

This one is so Sassaman. Love it. I want to revisit the things I learned in her class and apply it to this design. I will add it to my never-ending-want-to-do list!!
Sharon Stroud will be speaking at my guild this Saturday. We have her booked to teach some of us her Dresden Plate in a 3 hour workshop. I first saw her on Simply Quilts years ago and loved her fussy cut plates. I need to look over the supply list and see if I have something in my stash to use for this class.
Good Week!


Aida Costa said...

Kathi that looks fantastic!! I'm definitely going to give the tissue paper technique a try, it looks so accurate. Beautiful stitching :) I love the picture you choose, Colleen will love it!

stitchworks said...

This looks a really useful source for designs.

JodyC said...

Nice work on the RR block.