Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sharon Stroud Day at Quilt Guild!

Yesterday we had Sharon Stroud lecture at quilt guild! She is such a happy little woman and I know she was enjoyed by all. (Click here to see more pictures) Sharon is the author of Dresden Plates of Distinction.
I like this little quilt she is holding above. On 9/11 she was teaching a quilt class when they heard the news. On her way home she bought this fabric. She journaled a bit on the back about it.
Melanie and her mom with two Dresden plates done in the same fabric with different backgrounds.

The border fabric on this quilt is the fabric used for all of the plates. Each plate consists of 16 blades, all fussy cut and hand stitched into a circle, then a solid circle appliqued to center and the entire piece is appliqued to a base fabric.. The area of fabric you choose to use holds all the mystery!

Martha with two quilts that show the "real" funky Sharon on the left...a skull in the center and bold colors. The one on the right is for the "masses" and classes!

You may recognize this one from the Simply Quilts episode she did years ago. Sixteen of us took the workshop after the meeting and we learned the steps required to get the block pieced with some tips on applique and hand stitching. It was a day well spent learning with a fully engaged teacher and good company. Thank you Sharon!

I spent part of today hand stitching (which I love) half of my Dresden Plate of Distinction! I am really happy with it. I love the swirls the form at the center and the tip and the two more solid forms across the middle. I cut the other eight out and I have three of those sewn together already. Very satisfying!

AND this is the fabric I used. This is a "well-aged" fabric as Sharon Stroud would say! Something about it made me keep it around through many stash clearances.

I learned:

  1. Once again (I know I have learned this before but things slip my mind constantly) that the eye of a needle has an easy side to thread. If your having trouble turn the eye around.
  2. Dean, my greyhound, sheds like a dog. I wish I could vacuum him. I tried once when I first got him. Apparently he didn't like his skin being sucked up as well.
  3. 30 years of service = $200.00 gift card to Sears.
  4. My niece Darcy's team won their division in her cheerleader competition today! Way to go Darc! We will see you next week at UB!

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