Monday, October 5, 2009

Quilted Art Quilt~Collage..."XOXOXO"

I had at this little collage quilt yesterday too. I had no idea where I was going with it, just that I wanted to put X's on it somewhere. I love how linear quilting looks so I did some of that too. It is about 8.5"x 11". It was an exercise from the Art Quilt Workbook, chapter 4, I believe. My little art quilt group is using this book to try/learn new things. AND we have! Martha made a really great collage that she donated to Ami Simms alzheimers quilt auction and it will be (or is now?) going to Houston for a show there. YAY!
My reworked IAQ (Instant Art Quilt). I have been stuck on this one for weeks, months even and instead of figuring out what I should do next I started thinking "what is it about this piece that I don't like?" It was the urine-yellow. I don't like yellow much (kind of like Nicki not liking orange...which I DO like!) so I over dyed it with a great blue...cut it up and resewed most of it together in a different configuration. I am liking it now. I am thinking of adding white metallic paint, dry-brushed..maybe over the stitching? I plan to add crystals too. It also will hang portrait not landscape. I figured I didn't like it the way it was so I had nothing to lose! It was liberating and fun to be so bold!

This is my self-portrait ATC (artist trading card) and I have to admit I think they are creepy! But I signed on for 1 set and 1 set is done. CHECK that off my list!
I learned:
  1. $3300.00 and counting in damage to my Trailblazer. Still not ready. Still trying to figure out where to get the cold hard cash. Ugh.
  2. Magazines like GOURMET closing shop. I was disappointed last year when COTTAGE LIVING ceased. Hope Quilting Arts and Clothe Paper Scissors lure enough of us to stay afloat.
  3. I don't want to know all about David Letterman's sex-capades.
  4. Linda and Laura Kemshall's site has a couple free video's that have some good info to paint/stamp fabrics. They make a stamp using a bit of plywood and double-sided tape that they put foamy letters (and numbers would work too) on it. Makes very cool design elements. I did inquire on the subscription to their videos but $103 American is too much for me to put out right now. They wrote The Painted Quilt. I love that book.


bingo~bonnie said...

I really like the "X & O's" quilt ;) great way to add the selvages in there too ... and I would never guess that the beautiful blue use to be a P-ugly yellow - great thinking to dye it!

and I think your cute peeking through that diamond in the ATC card!

Elin said...

Keep up the good work!

oh, and I don't wanna know any more about David Letterman either!

Anonymous said...

Been to your blog several times, but have not taken the time to drop you a line. Happy that your friend is home and doing well. I agree with you on Letterman. All this rain today is not for me.... gardens need to be cleaned up. Replanted the tulips yesterday and had to make a trip into town. Funny noise in the front end of my car. Paid about $75 to be told that there is nothing wrong. I am happy that I did not hit the deer yesterday.... $3,000+ hits the bank account hard. Did you stay to the end of the Iron contest?

Grandy L said...

Hi, Irish Kathy
I'm in the blogger 101 class and I think you have a great blog. I want to come back and check out more. I'm also working thru the Art Quilt Workbook. Regards, Grandy L, Central California