Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sweet Mela's Sundress

I fashioned this little sundress (the one Mela helped me make!) from a girls dress I found at Sally Ann's. It had a tank top with a wide elastic waist, but the skirt fabric was precious and the yellow tulle along bottom edge was the clincher. I knew I could make something with it! 
The ties are biased tape folded over and stitched. That was easy 
Mela will model this in a few months.....if it ever warms up around here. 

I have learned:

      1.  Mela will be a big sister by December 5th!!
      2.  "Room" by Emma Donoghue is interesting read on a subject. Think Alice Sebold's "The 
           Lovely Bones" 
      3.  Madison Elizabeth is making herself known daily! Moving and growing. Can't wait to see 
       4.  Finished all five seasons of " Sons of Anarchy". Gemma...bad. Clay...see ya. Jax...good
       5.  Laptop with a friend for past week. Hoping it makes a full recovery!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Times

While I waited to talk to some people at Joe Basil Chevrolet this afternoon, I was visually and aromatically stimulated by the fresh flowers on every table. I have to hand it to the dealership, all the customer pandering is effective. With Tony Cich's agreeable assistance I bought another Trailblazer. My third one. Melissa buys my '08 for a good price and I get a Black Cherry Metallic '08 with less mileage, Bose system and a sunroof. Everyone is happy. 

Between the car shuffling decision and an active union rep week I am exhausted. 
Injustice is probably my biggest pet peeve. Watching it happen is like standing in quicksand. One year ten months seems like a sentence at this point. 

77 degrees today! Sat on the deck while I removed thread and papers from lots of hexis. Read a bit. Felt good to be outdoors listening to the spring peepers. 

My precious Mela is quite the curious critter. Crawling and standing and reaching and watching....a mind in constant motion. Love her so dearly. I am pleased to know she will be riding in a vehicle with some armor soon. Safe baby = peaceful gramma mind. 

Apparently I won a basket from the Amherst Quilt Guild quilt show I visited yesterday with Julie & Val! Naturally I spent over $50 at an awesome vendor booth. This booth is a favorite at shows. They sell international fabrics. I bought more of the subdued Japanese fabrics, a packet of colorful silks and a gorgeous piece of Mudclothe. They will be missed when they retire next month. 

I have learned:

     1.  Chevy makes the Trailblazer in
           Canada and Mexico still. 
           Appatently the emissions 
           standards don't meet the U.S. 
           guidelines. Too bad. Looks good s
     2.  Chipmunks or mice made a cushy 
           little nest under my carberator
           with some garage insulation. 
           A few years ago they made a nest 
           in the glove box. Resourceful. 
     3.  I need an edgy challenge to make 
          art quilt. 
     4.  Bullet casings are the next addition 
          to my Deployment quilt. Cool. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014


A Today's Fiberista meeting was def a good one! Sue lead us in tessallations. I wasn't so sure I was that interested in them but after today's lesson I'm sure I am! 
Sue introduced us to ( think that's right) 
We all got to play and save some things we manipulated in the easy to use program. I can try yo poet some things I saved at a later date. 
Check out the free preview of that program. We are all investing in a CD to have and play with. Thank you Sue for introducing us to this coolness!

I made the trek to Penn Yan to pick up my cleaned and tuned up Bernina. Tracy J was kind enough to bring my dirty machine in to the Amish dealer a month ago. While I was there I indulged my desire to own the felting needle apparatus and the guided 1/4" foot. I am so happy to be in posessuon of the two of them!! 

Love this pic of Michael with his boy baby Ace! Ace is a very we'll behaved little Golden. I'd even consider having a dog if he could be Ace! Michael has been sucked in hook, line & sinker for this guy. Just wait til Madison comes along. Daddy won't know what hit him!

Mela, in two weeks, has grown... Crawling faster .... Makes more weird noises with those lip & tongue and become even more adorable in the last few weeks! I missed seeing her. I fed her and goodnighted her last night. Love holding her when she's down for the count. Moving and shaking is her primary goal now. 

I have learned:

      1.  Alice Hoffmans new book, " The Museum of Extraordinary Things" is proving to be a great read.       
           Love Hoffmans books. This one seems less ethereal than her usual. Love the early 20 th 
           Century NYC in this book. Makes me want to do research 
     2.   Stephen King makes an appearance in "Sons of Anarchy" season three, second episode I
     3.  Still coughing. Ugh. 
     4.  Looking for more online quilt class info. 
     5.  Mmmm. Starburst. Old school. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Little Skulliness

Quick show of my skull piece progression for CPS challenge. It's a mixed media challenge so I know I must use something else besides fabric and thread. Not sure what?  A charm?  Paper?  Paint? I have decolourant stenciled skull and embroidery. Hmmmmm. Thinking. 
Home late Friday from Fort Campbell visit with Michael & Jenn. All week I tried to ward off an illness. Well Friday was the worst turning point. The pressure in the plane was not cool with my head. My ears cracked. I couldn't hear. Weird. Progress into lungs. Bronchitis. Again. Annually it appears. Meds. Sleep. Reparation. 

Winter winter go away.