Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Art Quilts! ~Pictures~

Last night I met with my art quilter friends! (missed you Christy) All of us actually did our homework. Chapter 4 in Art Quilt Workbook is COLLAGE. My favorite style. You already saw my collage a few days ago. ("XOXOXO") The following pictures are Martha's, Elaine's and Sharon's work. Always inspiring. We are a talented group! A year ago a fellow art quilter, Sarah Terry, gave each of us 2 pieces of her hand marbled fabrics to see what we would do with them. Martha saw flowers in hers! She did a little thread painting on them too. Love this. (note~my pieces are still waiting for a great idea to come to me!)
This was the piece from the Esterita Austin workshop this past summer. I love what Martha did with it by adding stubble-like glitter (love the elongated shape of that glitter!), hot crystals and meandering quilting. Check out the colorful thread in the border quilting.

Martha's collage homework. Love the shapes and contrast. If you look closely you can see different stitching patterns all over it and black seed beads.

Quilting Arts ran a Rock n' Roll challenge last winter and Elaine made one and submitted it to the magazine. "Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog" is so creative! For a while you could go to their website and see it. Cool.

In a relatively recent issue of QUILTING ARTS magazine Elaine was inspired to make the silk painted tree quilt, complete with beading. Dharma Trading was the source of the silk and DynaFlow Dyes were used to paint it. The tree is one she likes from a park here in town.

Close-up of the painted limbs and the luminous beading. Just beautiful.

On this nature inspired collage, Elaine painted fusible web and ironed to background...the purple leaves on the stem. She accidentally ironed over it (who hasn't?)removing some of it but we all agreed it looks like she did it on purpose because it works.

Elaine's granddaughter is PRETTY IN PINK. She cropped and enlarged a precious image, sewed it onto black & white background fabric...added a cool earring and finished the edges zig zagging novelty yarn all around. Adorable.

Sharon's comic collage! She scanned and copied old favorites onto fabric, stitched around them and added fun shapes to the background. What a great idea! I Love it!
When we meet next month we are doing our own Project Iron Quilter type thing. Each of us will bring a bag of fabrics, batting, embellishments and thread to swap out. In 2 hours we will think fast and create a small piece of art! The next chapter in our workbook, INNOVATIVE PIECING, will be our guideline and goal. Fun!

I learned:
  1. I discharged a few pieces of solid black & brown fabrics today after work. I used spray bleach cleaner. I layed orange snow fencing on top of fabric and sprayed away! I love how they came out. When they are dry I will post a picture.


Anonymous said...

Loved the new pictures. The beads bring the work to life and add a different depth to the works. Thank you for sharing.

JodyC said...

Great quilts, waiting to see your discharged fabrics.

Shirley said...

Shirley here from Learningfa -
I think your blog is great. Your work is outstanding. I am sure Chris will help you learn the ins and outs of blogging, but it appears as if you are doing a great job already. I have put my
name down as a friend, and will check out your
block from time to time. Shirley (learningfa)