Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sharing Sassaman

I love Jane Sassaman's design style..her patterns, her quilts, her fabric and after meeting her...HER! She is a lovely, soft-spoken woman. I have posted pics of some of her work. Her graphic aesthetic speaks to me! I have the heart pattern above. I also have the perfect fabric for it, but no time right now. It would also make a cool wedding hearty thing with the names or date inside the heart.
Take a look at all these beauties. They are all done in various Sassaman fabric lines.

Another impressive, colorful quilt. I really love those spikes. I love her bold and powerful designs. I want to make quilts like these!

While I was thread painting my leaves on the piece from my class Saturday, I thought of the sampler Jane Sassaman showed us in the class I took a few months ago. Seeing all the options she presented gives me ideas for all the things you can do with this new skill. Jane incorporates zig-zag and decorative stitches as a feature on many leaves.

Just a seam treatment...I like to do more than one stitch on a seam to make it more interesting. The blue sequins are off of a stretchy belt, probably from a dance costume, that I picked up at Sally Ann's. I just had to snip some threads and off they came!

This was the last little bit I did on Lynn's CQ RR block. It's a lace flower that I sew one of the faces I had hand stitched a tiny face for a Dotee Doll. I never used this one and she is so cute. I love her lips! I stitched sequins with beads around her face and in some of the petals for shimmer.
I learned:
  1. Sandy's post-chemo tests are miraculously good!!
  2. Bruce Springsteen's last concert on this tour is in Buffalo Nov. 22? Yay
  3. Snagged by the dog-license police. I have a dog. They found out (well I cannot lie and the animal censurer came to my house and inquired and I said yes and they want some $$$$ from me now...that is what it's all about)now I have to pay.
  4. Paper fabric. Jody is going to make some. Here is a tutorial she found.


arlee said...

LOVELY lovely work here!
And thank you for the link to my Fabric Paper tute :}

Anne said...

The blue butterfly and your seam treatment caught my eye. I think that I could handle these fabrics. We went to Betty's yesterday and then on to Hilton to the Ben Franklin store. Had a wonderful lunch in the family restaurant behind the store. I have never had a better Ruben and with corned beef cooked there. We stopped at the Glue Factory in North Chili and what a delightful experience that was for all 5 of us.