Friday, July 3, 2009

My CQ RR Valance is Home...thank you my friends!!

I was involved in a CQ RR over the last few months. A group of women from west coast, east coast & due south worked on my original 8" x 80" valance for my kitchen! I, in turn, worked on theirs as all the blocks circulated from one person to the next. The work is so creative and beautiful. I am touched by the work, time and care put into this. I will treasure it.
I will do some more stitching on it and finish it out and when it hangs in my kitchen window it will be a work of art! Thank you girls~
I have been off all week and got virtually nothing kitchen painted, no sewing machine out, not much cleaning and very little yard work. BUT I did golf with my son twice, shopped with my daughter, had my niece and nephew overnight and laughed with them, my daughter's fiance made a fire for us twice and we all sat around it and I spent precious time with my friend Sandy. I am measuring this vacation week by those all important relationships and the memories any one of our experiences may have made.
Today my son learned:
  1. The NO STANDING sign on the side of a road doesn't mean HE can't stand means a CAR can't STAND there! WOW. This is a boy that makes the Dean's list. That was worth a 5 minute laugh, tears and stomach muscles fully involved!!

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Anonymous said...

Gosh Kathi-that's a beauty!!!!

Pam aka Nicunurse