Sunday, July 26, 2009

Canadian Sunset

One of the beautiful sunsets from Sunset Cove, on Lake Nipissing, Canada. I had a wonderfully relaxing week with Pam, Jim, Sarah, Hannah, Noah and Freffer's, Hannah's boyfriend. (Sounds like a dog but it's her nickname for Jeff!) I read 2 books.... Three Junes by Julia Glass.
Another excellent read. I love "people" stories.

I did a little bit of stitching on various CQ pieces.

I started on "BELIEVE" in my loved french knots for Lynn's CQ RR block. It will prove to be a little challenge since all around the area is beading and buttons and trims that my thread is catching on!
Sorry about this image...don't know what happened...looked clear when I downloaded it! It is a tracing from a book I have on Crazy Quilting. I used chain stitch to do swirly wings and body and satin for head. It's a burgundy metallic thread.

This flower is made from deconstructed silk flowers and beads.
I need to finish up my 1 block swap for Melinda and mail tomorrow. I am waiting for a little bird I made from air dry clay to dry after I painted it blue this afternoon. He will go on the block area where the tree is. I have loved doing this block for someone I know and truly like. I am excited for her to see it next Saturday.

I successfully put all the things that trouble me out of my mind for 7 days. Of course now I must do some always seems to be the crux of stress. On paper things look like they should work out but in reality...nope!

So a tornado actually touched down approximately 8 miles down the road as I was driving home yesterday. My daughter and her fiance, Cory, recorded the funnel forming in the sky. Local news interviewed him and showed his video on the news. Creepy. It did some structural damage, and knocked down electric poles. Apparently gas leaks were reported. Will find out tomorrow if it was new ones caused by the tornado damage or if they were existing leaks. I am expecting to have to do some follow up leak investigating.

I have decided to once again join Weight Watcher's to rid myself of 20-25 pounds. I did it before, I will do it again. I do hate to spend the money on this since it seems like something I should be able to do on my own.....but I cannot. I need the weigh-in once a week. It's like a game...I don't like to record any gains once I start to lose. SO, here's to one more time!!

So I learned a few things:

  1. How to play flip-cup.
  2. How to play Mancala.
  3. E-F1 tornado's categorized by 80-110 mph wind.
  4. I am over-extended creatively. I have committed myself to many RR's, swaps, raffle quilt obligation, art quilts, program responsibilities for guild, upcoming workshops. I will get through them all but must limit myself in the future. In the past it wasn't an issue but work takes so much more out of me now that I find my spare time shortened up by fatigue.

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tisme said...

Glad to see you had a great time on vacation!!
I am hoping to get away for a week sometime in August. I really have to agree with you on the part of work wearing you out. I use to be able to do so much more in my time off. Must be the age thing. I have limited myself to a few things this year, and will probably sign up for even less next year. The mind is willing, but the body says no!! lol