Friday, July 10, 2009

Ruffley Little Owl...on the short list for Art Quilt

I love this little guy. I love his ruffley, unkempt feathers and those little black eyes staring back at you. While staying in North Bay, Canada last year with my oldest friend Pam (and by oldest I mean I have known her since I was 7....not that she is 99 years old oldest!)and her family, he showed up on Noah's bike seat. Very cool.
We are leaving Saturday for the annual stay on Lake Nipissing! I love this week away. No phone, texts or internet access...allows maximum relaxation and plenty of time to read, stitch on CQ pieces, play SCRABBLE and enjoy the company of Pam, Jim, little Sarah, Hanners & Mobi aka Noah.
I do plan to use this image to make an art quilt!. I've got a pattern traced out and a plan! Now I just need to make the time.....I have just been reminded what an exciting endeavor this project would be!
I read Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett about 3 years ago and loved it. Long but not long enough. Medieval times are intriguing. I didn't know he was writing a sequel then so when I learned he had written World Without End almost 20 years later I was happy. This book is not a 3-week library loaner! It's wonderfully wordy. It would be a great summer read.
It is the cherished weekend again and I have many things on my list I hope to cross off.
  1. Weed front gardens...only the BIGGEST weeds though.
  2. Navigate Michael to the weed whacker
  3. Stitch a star on a special CQ block
  4. Finish CQing the little Angel heart block
  5. Plan my attack on Thearica's Grandfather tribute block. I think I am seeing some verbiage for sure
  6. Find an image to present to my art quilt group for consideration on a split quilt project.
  7. Try out the glitzer tool my friend Melanie gave me! Cool tool...attaches little crystals to fabric. Endless possibilities~thanks Mel!
  8. Try discharging on black velvet

Notice not too much housework? The older I get the more I feel free to spend non-work-my-arse-off time doing the things that make me happy. The upside of each passing day!

Today I learned:

  1. My newest boss is 22. His 1st day with my company was 3 weeks ago. Seems like a nice young Pennsylvanian.
  2. Michael Jackson's death will make the Jackson clan rich & infamous.
  3. Received my Passport Card, good for land only travel outside U.S. $35 and 4 weeks later. I am Canada-ready now.

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Shogun said...

OK that owl is absolutely adorable. He reminds me of that muppet character that was an eagle with the ruffly feathers.