Saturday, June 27, 2009

Black & White

This past Thursday would have been my parents 49th wedding anniversary. My mom died 7 yrs ago at 61 of cancer and my dad died suddenly 9 months later at 66. This picture was taken on their wedding young and happy and hopeful. My dad was straight from the "Old Country". County Leitrim, Ireland. Loved his brogue.

I purchased this piece from the online "Fiber Art for A Cause" in May. Pat Dolan is the maker. My mother's name was Pat and her maiden name was Dolan. I love this little crow.

And in keeping with the Black & White theme of this mornings post~

Meet my 86 lb. rescued Greyhound, Dean. We have had him for 5 yrs now. He is a big boy. The laziest, sweetest, non-aggressive, massively shedding dog. I mention the shedding in particular because he is white and I have a black oriental rug in my living room. Vacuum? Every day.

I recently learned:

  1. I can refinance mortgage to 5%. Saves me over 10% a month and more than 1 payment a year. Seems worth the effort.
  2. We live close to Canadian border. Starting June 1st you need more than just birth certificate and license to get back to U.S. I applied for a passport card, good only for land travel ($35.00 only). I hope I get it in time for my trip to Lake Nipissing in July!
  3. With a little plain paper journal book and a glue stick, I started an idea/inspiration/ reference file. I cut out pictures of quilts from old mags...images from ads...anything that could serve as a spark to creativity and just quickly glue them to a page. No rhyme or reason, no organization, just cool pictures of things that I like.

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