Sunday, June 21, 2009

CQ Beading and Stitching today...

I posted this a while ago but now it is finished. I love this little area on Jody's Mermaid CQ RR block! I love those tiny delica's but my eye's are challenged the entire time.

It's simple but I like it! I deconstructed a stretchy sequin belt from SALLY ANN's and sewed a few on with more delica's seed stitched on fabric.

The tiny tree has french knot foliage and split stitch trunk. I gathered ribbon yarn and sewed on seam. I would like to add something else to this vignette, maybe a little bird?

AND another polymer clay face I antiqued with brown acrylic paint. I had started beading around it and realized that just tacking it down was not secure enough and I needed a better definite edge to keep my beading nuzzled up close, so I glued it down. Seems like it will work. I want to try to do a peyote stitch like on a cabachon. Will see how that goes!

I spent hours today stitching and I feel more caught up on my current projects. I am ready to mail Jody's block to Nicki this week, just have to journal in her book first. The other block isn't due to be mailed til the end of July so I feel I am on track.

I anticipate a busy, stressful week at work. But when it's over I have a week off. I have high hopes and expectations for progress that week that may not match my energy and ambition!

  1. Prime & paint kitchen walls
  2. Paint trim on garage and 2 windows
  3. Clean at least 1 closet out
  4. Organize fabric....again
  5. Work on Sassaman project from class
  6. Size up rectangular Courthouse Steps block for raffle quilt
  7. Gather paperwork for refinancing mortgage


JodyC said...

LOVE the bead work around the face on my Mermaid block. Hope to work on Therica's mermaid block this week so I can send it off to Carolyn.

Enjoy your vacation!!!

Anonymous said...

Saw you newest addition yesterday, but did not have time to reply. You are going to be one BUSY lady on your vacation. Make certain that you find some time to relax and enjoy life. Off galvanting today with high school classmates to the quilt shop in Medina,the Mennoite stores further north and another quilt shop on 104. The outlaws are taking us to Bohn's for dinner tonight. Loved the pictures of Priscilla's trunk show. She introduced me to Seminole quilting and I really like creating the strips.
Have a great day!!

JodyC said...

Forgot to mention, I did get the Art Quilt Workbook, haven't started the lessons yet. I also picked up the book you mentioned "The City of Light".
Good read, I'm liking it, but staying up way too late reading.

Shogun said...

I am trying to see the photo of the rabbit piece you mentioned on my blog but can't seem to figure it out. Any help??? Shogun

Nicki Lee said...

Love the beaded sun! Fabulous job! You are too much girl - always coming up with something new and I love them all! Have fun on your vacation even though it sounds like you'll be working around the house. I know anything is better than being at work for you so make sure you find time to sit, relax and enjoy some time for yourself.