Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jane Sassaman Class & the Quilt Show

Yesterday was my Jane Sassaman class at the Genesee Valley Quilt Club's QUILT show. What a gracious woman she is. We learned her technique for doing a kind of applique using shirt tailor iron on interfacing and cutting away any layering so in the end you have a piece that is one layer of fabric. One day is not enough time for a class like that. I didn't get very far! I came up with my 3 shapes to use to make a composition...I managed to prepare only 5 pieces but like where it could go! I will be "making something fun" sometime soon! When I have something picture worthy I will post!

I made an album on Snapfish of some of the show.

I hope this link works.

My pictures are mostly the art quilts, some traditional too. I took some good close-ups so you can see some of the details. Relax and enjoy, as there are ALOT of pics!

I did work on my art quilt from the Ellen Lindner online class. Christy made a bunch of awesome marbled pieces in a 3 day class she took last month. She shared one of them with me and it works great as the accent in that quilt! I arranged and rearranged....and machine quilted around all the rectangles, then pebble quilted a bit.

It's still not done....will keep looking at it and thinking of what to do next. It needs some weight in other area's now. Not sure if I am going to add any beads yet. I do like the direction it took today!

It was so nice to have had a 3 day weekend, especially after the day from Hell last Thursday. Back to it again at 7 tomorrow morning. 3 weeks to first vacation week. Big plans to paint the kitchen then!

I learned:

  1. My niece Darcy made her elementary school's cheerleader squad for the Fall. She is very excited!
  2. Bought 1" hexagon templates to hand stitch/English paper piece 2 1/2" squares of fabric into a great little hexagon. The vendor gave me a short tutorial. I love the idea of traditional hexagons using unusual fabric and non-traditional layout.


tisme said...

I love your art pieces, they are coming along great!! If you can send me your email, I will show you the Flowers in the Sunshine piece. I can not find your email anywhere. I thought for sure I had it.

talia said...

wow, that looks so awesome! Kathi, your talent is so amazing!! Keep those pictures coming! :)