Sunday, June 14, 2009

Allentown Art Fest & slice group quilt

Allentown Art Festival....gorgeous sunny day & great company! Got there early enough to still be able to see the vendors. By the time we left it was massively crowded.
Carol, me & Sandy. We have been making this an event for quite a few years. Sandy was feeling really good today. She is amazing us all. One more month of chemo!
This is one of those group projects where each participant is given a piece of a picture and you interpret it any way you choose. There were 8 of us that got a slice of a 4"x6" picture and had to blow it up to 8"x 24" I think it was. The slice was grainy so you can imagine the enlargement was more so. I decided to try Noriko Endo's confetti technique using snippets of solids. I cut up all my colors, piled them on a cookie sheet and had at it!
Kind of pointillist but you can see the "picture" I had to work from on the right.

AND this is the original photo. The finished piece is actually pretty interesting. I loved seeing how the others tackled their slice. My art quilt group has this on our list of want-to-do's but I would like to use a picture with some architecture in cottages on a beach or a row of brownstones. Something with more color options and dimension.

Almost bedtime...tomorrow begins another work week. I decided to read the last book in the Twilight series after all. Eclipse. I will give it 100 pages.

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Anonymous said...

Much later looking at your blog today. Tell your friend to keep a positive attitude and know that the treatments will help. I have a friend that had both breasts removed in early May, she has two more to go and looks wonderful and goes to the Y to exercise. Loved the stained glass picture. We have not had time to create any in several years. Weeding and hoeing the gardens and taking a break. Need to get back out there. Have a great day!! Anne