Saturday, June 13, 2009


Another cherished weekend is at hand! I always have such high hopes for them...that I will actually get lots of things crossed off my TO-DO list.

Today I:

1. mowed lawn~2 hours on a rider~mower too loud to listen to an audio book`wasting good time!

2. moved some hosta around~thought my foot touched poison ivy, which apparently now I get. False alarm.

3. mulched by my little weeping cherry tree so it looks like it belongs in the middle of my front lawn! I put it there because I want a bit of white picket fence across the front, so it was planted with some thought!

4. Planted a pretty pink Dahlia (I am pretty sure that's what this is...(I am flower name challenged!)

I haven't stitched a thing today though. I am working in Melinda's 1 block swap piece due August 1st. She wants jewel tones and nature. I have used beautiful colors and started stitching a mini french knot tree last night. I want to include a MOON...maybe beaded...but also thought of trying layered sheers. Will have to see which one I like best.

I dug out this little CQ heart I pieced last summer so I can stitch it up and give to my friend Anne as a donation to a local charity that uses items to raise funds. I will have it soon Anne!I love to go to thrift stores, always have. In high school I would go all the time, still do. It's a weekly fix! I love old stuff. Old, cool, used stuff! I found these many months ago. SLIDES. I know people of my generation have memories of sitting, watching someone's slideshow. These were of an Arizona vacation. I love them for the frame!

Here's an example what one can do with them.

This was one of my favorite art quilts at the show last weekend. (I am sorry I can't credit maker, can't find the program. If I find out I will include it) I love the use of the slides as frames for her hand stitching vignettes of faces and her use of sheer fabrics. There are french knots & seed stitching and beads. Everything about this quilt appeals to me. Great mixed media.

I have idea's for those retro-cool slides!

In August my quilt guild is having Caren Betlinski come in for a thread painting (machine) class. She did a trunk show for us last year and her work is really awesome. I am looking forward to learning this useful technique.

Tomorrow I am going to ALLENTOWN ART FESTIVAL. It is a juried show so all the vendors are good quality. I usually buy something inexpensive while wishing for that $100.00 pottery vase! I used to ride my bike to it in high school back in the day! (late 70's) I have been going with Sandy & Carol for years now. Sandy is still going through her chemo and is feeling miraculously good. It will be a good day with good friends. Tomorrow is going to be sunny, low 70's...perfect for browsing around.

Today I learned:

  1. A $25.oo pedicure is worth every cent. Massage,massage chair, moisturize, hot water and pretty toes. An hour of medicinal pampering!
  2. My friend Elaine is on the Quilting site. It is her submission for the ROCK ON challenge they had earlier this year. I love her fun piece. (join quilting arts while there..if you like the mag, you'll love the site)
  3. I love this CD. I have taken out of library numerous times. I need to just buy it. Madeleine Peyroux. Nice Sunday morning music any time of any day.


Anonymous said...

Kathi, You accomplished far more than I did Saturday. I envy your creative talents and loved the pictures you added to your blog. Enjoy your Allentown trip. You must have had a busy week... I check each day.

tisme said...

I would surely KILL for the chance to come to that thread painting class!! Hmmm, how many hours is it from my house to yours?? :)
seriously though, you will learn so much, I might have to pick your brain on this.

talia said...

You artists are too much! Look at that work! I love pedicures too, i am overdue for one :)