Saturday, June 20, 2009

Priscilla Kibbee Trunk Show & some CQ pics

This morning was quilt guild and our trunk show was presented by a very interesting, talented woman. Priscilla Kibbee had many garments, mostly jackets, that our volunteer models displayed for us. Every one was a work of art. Seminole piecing is a common denominator in many of her pieces. She also manipulates yardage to be used in a jacket. Priscilla said she will wrinkle, crinkle the fabric, lay face down on ironing board and iron a lightweight interfacing on the back to make the new fabric. At that point she uses it as an added interesting texture by incorporating it in the design.

This is an example of a batik that has been manipulated and various threads and embellishment have been added to it to make this long coat.

I have posted the entire collection on this SNAPFISH album. The pictures don't do them justice, but it will serve as inspiration!

I would love to take one of her classes and create my own wearable artwork!

I have a few pictures of some work I did on a CQ in a RR last year. I didn't have a camera that took close-ups then but I was fortunate to revisit it at my retreat!

This is the entire block. I hope I remember correctly that this is Tami's piece?! Jody, help me out here!! The images are printed on fabric. She included the small ones for us to use as we chose.
I used this image & silk ribbon and french knots to frame it.
I also couched SWEET and some SRE flowers.
This one too....SRE flower with french knots and black beads.

This is not a good picture, but I love it. It is done in backstitch and french knots. I also did the same on Carolyn's block but wrote DREAM.

I am working on three CQ projects right now.

  1. Jody's Mermaid block RR
  2. Melinda's one block swap
  3. Little heart for charity

Today I learned:

  1. Swarovski hotfix crystals. They are cool. I want some!
  2. Some people never change.
  3. Fellow guild member, Cheryl Doody had a quilt accepted to the AQS Quilt Expo~Nashville TN. This is her 3rd national show.


Shogun said...

These CQ pieces are beautiful.

CarolynPhi said...


I have Tami's "finished" block now; I'm going to take lots of photos before I send it home to her.