Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mermaid CQ & Pretty Flowers

I have been stitching on Jody's Mermaid block this weekend. Here a little turtle (button actually) is swimming in a funky bit of seaweed! The little beads at the bottom (can barely see them, I know) are wood. I love doing this kind of curly free stitching. I used 3 different threads for variety.

I made some more faces from polymer clay after being inspired in Colleen's class. I knew Jody would appreciate the different medium being used on her piece. I had made one from a blue-green polymer but thought it looked too artificial for the undersea theme so I've used white. Jody's thought was it would represent a goodness watching over the pretty mermaid! I'll go with that. The delica and small tube beads were bought in New Hampshire on our retreat. I still have more beading to do..I want to sew some in a radiating form around the whole thing now.

Here is a close-up a a fish I beaded over one of Nicki's dyed lace bits. I cut the little guy from a larger piece of lace...just looked at it and saw the possibility of a fish! The sequins are supposed to look like fish bubbles.

I would say I am almost done with Jody's block and will mail to Nicki soon. I loved working on this Jody!

I visited my friend Anne today and took a few pictures of her gorgeous flowers.

Her orchids were truly spectacular and all her peonies were in beautiful bloom. She shared a few cuttings of different flowers with me...they are already in the ground acclimating in my garden! Thanks Anne!

Holy COLD today. I am not a summer lover...the humidity, the sweat, no air conditioning. But wind chill that felt like 40 today, yuck. But at least it isn't it did today in Vermontville, NY...son's girlfriend lives there...Whiteface Mountain in her backyard, but SNOW?!!

I picked up Buffalo Lockjaw at the library. I heard an interview with the author on the radio and was interested. I like to read a book that mentions places and history that are known to you personally. I started it last night and so far so good. Another book I really liked alot is City of Light. It also takes place in Niagara Falls/Buffalo area at the turn of the last century. I would read that book again and I don't say that lightly since there are SO many books to read!

Today I learned:

  1. Ants are not needed to bloom a peony. Not sure why I thought that...someone must have told me that

  2. Packed a "Box of Possibilities" to mail to Colleen. We have similar creative interests and have challenged each other to think and create in that vein. We collected bits and pieces and fabrics to be considered for use in a piece we will make for the other. I am really excited about this...I know what I come up with she will like and vice versa.

  3. Weeds are pretty too.....I love the little twisty tendrils surrounding the tiny green buds on this vine that always waps my face when I am mowing!


JodyC said...

I want to see my WHOLE block again...Thank you for adding your beautiful stitching to my block. I love everything you have added.

Have a good week.

Shogun said...

I see the pink clematis and the orchids, but can you tell me what that green flower is under the other flower photos? It looks like it has 5 green pears sitting on it. It's beautiful.

talia said...

ok, wow. just wow! now you're just showing off hehe jk! Love the mermaid block and the polymer clay face is pretty awesome, you did a beautiful job with the beading! I so wish i could be surrounded by the flowers you posted! and i agree, weeds can be pretty ;)