Sunday, May 3, 2009

Where DID it go?

I spent over an hour composing an amusing post and don't know what I did but.......POOF! Lost to me & you. Checked the "Edit Posts" section and not there either. I will try again now...

I know the pics are a little dark..SORRY. I made this cute little thing for the COF (Circle of Friends) retreat last year in Houston as my handmade swap gift. It is a THIMBLE HOLDER I found in INSPIRATIONS magazine. (published in England and hard to find here unfortunately) Made from wool felt and stitched with little flowers and bees and a little disc bead as a closure. I LOVED making it. At my retreat, Shawn made sure to show me she uses it all the time and that makes me happy!

Today I am working on an online ART QUILT CLASS from Ellen Lindner using hand-dyed fabric I bought from Ronnie. The fabric is GORGEOUS! I finished lesson 1 and like the layout so far. Will post pic later.

Finishing up the WAVE I have been stitching on Carolyn's Mermaid CQ RR block and will move on to my friend, Jody's awesome block. I love learning new things and these POLYMER clay faces were taught to us at my retreat in NH by Colleen. This class was so much fun and it is so easy! Colleen was great! She is a textile artist from Alexandria, Nebraska. These are a few of her truly CREATIVE pieces.

This is her signature necklace "MOONGUY". It is a special piece since her son helped her make the face.
Here is another really cool necklace. I LOVE this one.

AND this is so unique. Can you tell I LOVE her work...her design style is exciting! If you are interested in seeing more from her email at I hope to do some exchanging & sharing with her in the near future.

Back to my art-quilt-in-progress!

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JodyC said...

I was thinking about you today, Sunday evening, back to work tomorrow for some of us. I was wondering what creative things you worked on this weekend. Sorry your blog draft/post disappeared.

Can't wait to see the pic of your Art Class project.

Just 5 days and it will be Weekend "Creative" Time again. Have a good week!!