Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tami's CQ Bag...and a List!

I had a great 5 day hiatus from the demands of the 8 hour workday! I did sit down yesterday to try to use my new Textile paints on my cavern piece from Esterita's workshop. I don't know what I did wrong but my lights are not light enough. I will have to ask some that did paint and get back to it.

I want to show you this CQ bag my friend Tami made. I got to see it close up at the retreat and it is just beautiful. I love her choice of fabric and colors and the added fringed edges. She hand dyed the ribbon ("junky Walmart ribbon") and made the folded rose flower on the front flap. This was one of the things Tami showed me how to make and I have plans to use it on a special block I am working on.

Isn't it gorgeous!?

Her work is beautiful. I thought she said the heart on the back was made by Nicki...can't remember...

I just love the entire process of crazy quilting. I love planning the block, choosing the fabrics and colors and then searching and researching all the great block altering stitching and motifs that make the plain block interesting. The possibilities are limitless...it can be traditional or arty. I like both. I wanted to highlight Tami's work and show that you can use it to make something for everyday use.

When I was little I loved to make things. I would pour over the few books my mom had from joining book clubs. I still love those old 70's needlework/craft books. I recently checked out of my library, an Erica Wilson Embroidery book. If you look at all those old books and discount the awful color trends of the day, you can take alot of ideas for your present work. The 70's in particular were very new, fresh with creativity. Try looking at a few old craft books and see if you can find ways to incorporate idea's into your current work!

I have so many things I want to get to:

  1. Finish my art quilt from Ellen Lindner's online class.
  2. Finish the wine glass piece from my Esterita Austin workshop. I want to thread paint on it...may grapes and some verbiage.
  3. Jody's Mermaid CQ RR
  4. Lin's CQ block for swap
  5. Rumbleford Bag from upholstery fabric I just had to have
  6. Packing up fabrics and assorted bits to mail to Colleen for a more adventurous exchange. A mixed media challenge that will really be fun
  7. Knit my sleeves on my lemongrass sweater
  8. Paint kitchen...bought the paint...finally
  9. Paint the cavern block from workshop and quilt it
  10. Pink & White string quilt...stitch baby info for Lisa on it and of course....quilt it and finish
  11. Keep pasting into my little idea journal...pics from magazines etc
  12. Gather supplies and images for Jane Sassaman class in 2 weeks
  13. Trace my 8"x10" pic of my house onto acetate and enlarge for online class. I will be making a portrait of my home in fabric
  14. Make necklace from one of the polymer clay tiles I made with a stamp

And really that is just a small sampling of all the other things I have begun either actually or in theory!

I make lists.....lots of them. In notebooks (numerous simultaneously since I have trouble keeping track of them!). I have done this for years. I love to find old ones and look through them. I find some cool things...sketches of ideas...sketches of things I have been inspired by. Lists of things to be done-an all encompassing list that I update once a month-ish. Lists of things to accomplish on a weekend day. Lists of projects, immediate and long range. I love lists because I get a real charge out of crossing something off! I have even been known to write a thing on my list (that should have been on it of course) just to cross it off. I know this has psychological implications that would be telling of my personality.

I learned today:

  1. A flat of annuals is going for $20. No annuals for me. Less work too!
  2. Melissa & I found Vogue patterns we liked for me, mother of the bride and her, Bride. I think both were Donna Karan. We have lots of time however....October 2011 is the target date.


Anonymous said...

Had I known that you were interested in annuals, a group in Byron was selling flats for $5. They collected the left over seedlings from Pudgies, planted and cared for them to earn money. Too late now!!! Your to do list is amazing and I wish that I possessed a fraction of your energy!!
Up early but not to your site until later.

Irish Kathi said...

Remember me for future annual sales!