Sunday, May 10, 2009

Great Mother's Day in the Zone

I have had a perfectly slow creative day. Melissa wore her "I love mom" t-shirt, an annual occurrence. Somehow I just can't see Michael in one of these! But that would make a great picture!

The 1st thing I worked on this Mother's Day weekend, was a french knot tree for my friend Ely. It measures 4.5"x3.5". I love doing french knots so this was a pleasure.

I also spent time stitching on Jody's Mermaid block. I started in the lower corner using a chiffon scarf from Sally Ann's-tacking it down in a wrinkly way. Gathered novelty ribbon yarn was sewn down, along with SRE'd fly stitches to imitate seaweed. While looking through some of my dyed lace from Nicki, I found one that could look like a fish if cut up just right! I used some matte multi colored seed beads that I got in Manchester to fill in their bodies.

I'm not done with it yet though. I have more seaweed to add and more beading to do. The center medallion is a great print on fabric. When Carolyn worked on it she put her professional painting skills into that gorgeous tail. If you look closely, Jody's center piece is an oval and the flippy part of the tail was cut off. Carolyn finished it as well as making the mermaid beautiful...a little make-up does wonders!

A lot of us were really inspired by the class we took at retreat from Colleen on polymer clay faces. I made a few more of them today and then hauled out some stamps. In this book they show a charm made from polymer clay using a stamp impression. I have a cool swirly stamp I pushed into the clay and those came out really COOL! I haven't stained them yet but when I do I will post a picture.

And a little knitting...I bound off the main part of the sweater. I need to find size 17 double-pointed needles for the sleeves. It is going to be so big & comfy when it's done!

Today I learned:

  1. Luke & Lorelie were back together again by the end of season 5...YAY!
  2. I laugh really hard at Funny Video's where people could have suffered potential harm!
  3. I love my new sewing basket. Alot. Thanks Mi
  4. The new Adriana Trigiani book is not very good. I am over 3/4 finished and am still waiting for the climax. I loved her Big Stone Gap series though.


Quilts with Wine (aka Melanie) said...

WOW!! What an awesome tree! What amazing artistry!! I love seeing the mermaid blocks too. It is inspiring to see the creativity of your group. And I like to see the progress on the knit sweater. Keep posting!!

Quilts with Wine (aka Melanie) said...

P.S. I love Luke and Lorelie too!!!

Nicki Lee said...

Kathi - your daughter is Beautiful!

Don't you just love those fish! When I first bought the lace they looked liked pineapples but when I turned them sideways I screamed - "Their fish! tons of fish!!!" Only we would "get it" LOL! You are doing some awesome creting there! Oh - and I love the sweater!

Anonymous said...

Ma- eww to that picture--i think I will name my extra chin there Henry. Where did he come from? Must have been that doughnut that moring... yep thats what it was... hahaha...<3 Mi