Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Few Things from My Retreat

Isn't this bag cool? I love it. Charlyn showed up at the retreat with this! She hosted an INCHIE swap a while ago and I had no idea what to do with all mine. This is a great presentation. Here are a couple I found that I had made.

I learned to make Dorset Buttons for another online swap I participated in and decided to make an inchie with one. The blue on it are little blue beads.
I also made this one. I really liked them...I love anything with words on it. Sewed novelty yarn to the edges to make it a bit more FUNKY!
My answer to the novelty cow FQ we got as a challenge were these BOOTIES. I lined them with red felted wool and fussy cut them so they would match. I gave them to Nicki since as of last night she is NANA to twins....a boy and a girl!

Remember the MERMAID CQ RR I mentioned I am doing with a few creative souls? All of us were lucky enough to meet up in Manchester and we revealed our 1st round. This is Nicki's gorgeous beading on my block...the entire tale and bandeau are covered in beads.
I really love what Jody did on this block. She used invisible thread to sew down a silky fiber. It could only have been made better by the pink flowers she added. Great work.
Thearica's block is awesome and Kathy's work is spectacular. She had a vision and executed perfectly. Note the detail on the next pic!

I have decided this is MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND and am taking alot of time to do what I want! If your a mother, you should too! So I am stitching, shopping, buying, blogging, facebooking (yes, I said facebooking...I succumbed to the allure thanks to my retreat friends much to the chagrin of my son...never say never!) and stitching some more.

I am working on:

  1. French knot tree for Ely on a CQ block
  2. Jody's mermaid piece
  3. Art quilt lesson 3
  4. lemongrass green sweater..knit
  5. Polymer clay faces

Today I learned:

  1. I am a facebooker, there I said it!
  2. Lorelie and Luke just broke up....season 5 Gilmore Girls in the DVD player.
  3. Dinner at Center Street Grill.....yummy...thanks Melissa and Cory! Mom's Day gift..I requested today since tomorrow I want to be in the creativity zone all day as my present! I know, kind of anti-mom, but they GET me, so it's ok.


JodyC said...

I LOVE Gilmore Girls!!!! We own Seasons 1-3. Emily, Sarah, & I would sit together and watch that show every week Most weeks we'd go get coffee to drink during the show.

Enjoy your "Creativity Zone" and Happy Mohter's Day.

Anonymous said...

Kathi, I hope that you are able to spend the entire day being creative. Thank you for sharing all of this with us. I envy your creativity.