Wednesday, May 13, 2009

CQ French Knot Tree

My friend Ely saw this really great little tree on a CQ block and wished out LOUD for one. I offered to do one for her, she gave me a block she was working on. I wish I knew who did this one the silk ribbon trunk.

I made this one for her.Ely is very happy with it. I love making French Knots. I taught myself to do them when I was 11, with a picture! I have made thousands of them in my lifetime! The variegated threads are a key to making this look so interesting.

I am very very tired tonight.

I learned today:

  1. Daughter got 4.0 in both grad classes and son on Dean's List! Proud of them both!
  2. Gas is over $2.40 here. Why? Memorial Day...Summer vacation. Greed.
  3. Danny Gokey is out on American Idol. I liked him from the beginning, cool voice. I don't like Adam Lambert at all. I guess I want Chris to win now.

1 comment:

talia said...

oooh!!! that tree is on MY cq1 block made by everythingquilts last year :) my theme was shabby chic. Her work is amazing and your tree is BEAUTIFUL too Kathi, wow! You can find the album of more photos for that block here:

great job Kathi!