Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sheer WIne Glass Quilt

In my earlier post I showed this piece on white background. I am not really "white" so I came home and found this 90's crushed velvet dress from SALLY ANN'S. After ironing on some tricot interfacing to compensate for the stretchy fabric, I cut the wine glass off the white and fused to the wine colored background. I love it now. If you look closely at the pictures you can make out all the payers of sheer fabrics that comprise each part of the wine glass. Now I need to to add stitching to it. Maybe thread paint or free motion quilting...not sure yet.

This little arty bit is some of the stringy stuff that we cut off our fused fabric at the Esterita workshop for the cave wall piece. They are gorgeous batiks and I collected them from a few friends. It was very Zen-like pressing these onto background and seeing something interesting come out of it. I cut some of them into 1" squares that are lying on top. I could call this an art quilt!

I really like this picture of over-abundant dandelion! I am taking a class from Jane Sassaman at a quilt show in Rochester at R.I.T. June 6. She wants us to bring pictures of ordinary things.

Today I Learned:
  1. About Fracking. Very interesting.
  2. So You Think You Can Dance is on tonight. Good. Entertaining. Fun.


JodyC said...

LOVE the "sheers to you" on the crushed velvet background, makes the sheers standout more then on the white.

jackie said...

Just thought I would say good morning. Dandelions are much overlooked - I did quite a few hand embroideries from them at one time. I also picked a lot to make wine - which was far less successful.

Anonymous said...

Queen Anne's lace blossoms should not be overlooked for your up coming class. The dark background makes the wine glass pop out and far better than the white.

Irish Kathi said...

You are so right anne! Queen Anne's it around right now?