Thursday, January 7, 2016

Waterlogue'd Fiona

Using the photo editing app Waterlogue, I turned a mundane pic of Fiona into an artful pic. This app is awesome. Many friends have used it to make beautiful quilts. Thanks to Mary Lowe for showing it to us!

The holidays were made magical by grandchildren! 

Still no snow to speak of in western NY. Strange indeed. But nice after last winters punishments. 

I'm working intensely on two challenge projects. Our guilds annual challenge--architecture is due soonest. No pics yet!
The other is the one I mentioned a bit ago--photo to quilt. The 1" & 2" hexi's for the background are close to done. My dragonfly fabrics have been chosen. How to make it now?!

I have learned: 

1.  5 weeks 2 days to retirement! These are the hardest days. 

2.  Another sweet of the 3 I watched on my property 2 days ago, mangled last night by a very fast car. I hate knowing that sound. Fiona knows it too. 

3.  Odorant not added to natural gas til 1937 after an explosion at New London School in Texas, killing 295 children and teachers. Natural gas has no odor. A malodorant must be added to it to be detectable. 

4.  It's never too early to go to bed. Night. 

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