Sunday, December 9, 2018

Cy is 4!

Riley Michael AKA as Cy or Cy Cy, turned 4 yesterday!
What a smart, funny little guy he is. I had him & Mela overnight Friday. I need to have them here more. Good for all three of us. A heartfelt love fest with them. 
Mela and those the sunlight...that smile. 


Then there is Maddi & Gracie. The sweetest smiles and happy eyes. 
I am so blessed 
Mela-5 yrs old
Riley-4 yrs old
Maddi-4 yrs old
Gracie-almost 5 months old. 
That will catch you up. 

I have learned:

1.  A former coworker died this weekend. Alcoholism caught up with him. He checked into hospital to try one more time. The DT’s were so bad they induced a coma. He had aspirated and his lungs paid a price. Sad. A good man. 
2.  Ever a Bills fan. Josh Allen has promise. Good game today even though we lost. 
3.  My little fav and his wife have bestowed the rehoming of Gertrude Grace to me! I look forward to being a dog owner again 


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