Sunday, December 16, 2018

Gracie Baptized

Baby Grace Anne was baptized today. Beautiful baby. Beautiful ceremony. Maddi was very concerned for her sister. She told me Gracie didn’t like water in her eyes! Grace was a trooper. Didn’t cry once.

Gertie Grace is getting used to her new surroundings! Here. Home. 2 year old Gert is living with me now. My little favorite from work (the only one I keep in touch with after retiring almost 3 years ago) needed to rehome her. I was in the position to have her. I love this girl much. Gentle pup. Right time. Right place. Fiona, Baby & Honey (my felines) are trying to figure out what I’ve done.

I have learned:

1.  Make sure you tag all the appropriate people in a multi contact text. It’s not cool to be the one left out.  They don’t mean to do it. That I know.
2.  Mud. Mud. Wet muddy paws. Haven’t had to wipe them in off in many years. Glad to do it now though.
3.  Maddi overnight tomorrow. She’s a baby sloth hugging sleeper. Love.
4.  There is a rodent in my front wal. I hear it chomping. Poison packet in the hole tomorrow.

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