Monday, December 3, 2018

Silk Hexi’s

I’m back. 

I made this silk hexi piece throughout last winter using upcycled silk clothing. All hand stitched and fused to black silk background. It’s approximately 60” x 26”. It now hangs in my oldest friends shamancy Buffalo apartment.  

I’ll need to reacquaint myself with blogger. For a long time I couldn’t access my photo library to post. My old phone would bring up even older pics. I never tried hard to discover the reason for that, I’d just shut it down and not post. Pics are the best part of a blogpost I think. New phone. Photo library access success. 

What I have learned:
1.  Retirement is great. So great. So so great. 
2.  I fixed a leaky copper pipe myself with appropriate tape & spray after watching YouTube videos 
3.  2 knit lit chicks podcast. Mother/daughter talk knits and books. I’ve already read a couple recommended books and have checked out patterns and yarns discussed. 

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