Sunday, December 15, 2013


 Melissa turns 31years old on Friday. 31. Wow.
This is the PC I made for her using my mono printed fabric. I love it. She will too. A little piece of art, via USPS to celebrate!

Painted the closet in Michael's old room--my sewing room, this morning. The white makes such a big difference in there. I like working in it. As I was pondering storage options, using what I have and I decided to move my armoire and triple dresser in there. The 9 hole cubbies I have can sit on top of the dresser. This gives me 9 drawers and 3 shelves + cubbies. That should hold most of my fabrics and other crafty bits. A few years ago I picked up a wood sewing table for $5 at Sally Ann's. My felting machine can sit in that. A larger ironing surface would be nice. In the garage is I have a top to an old drafting table that I need a base for. It has to be high enough for a cutting table. Maybe simple 2 x 4's would work. The biggest hang up in the room is the floor. The 50's light green linoleum is in very bad shape. I have been looking at this brown paper option. Or just a mish mash of area rugs. The floor is cold!

As a thank you gift for my cousin, Tracey, for having us for Thanksgiving again this year, I made this snowman runner. The pattern was from an issue of Primitive Quilts & More. Love stitching on wool!
6" x 30".  All recycled wool.

I have jury duty tomorrow. Last time I went they kept me there past my work quit time before I was dismissed. We will see how it goes this time.

I have learned:

  1. Dryer started making a banging noise today. Can't be good.
  2. Found my baggie of 1/4" hexi's! They have been missing for a few weeks. My guild challenge continues.
  3. It's snowing again. 

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